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Smiths Everest. Bots?

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I tried to get an Everest this morning. I was able to put a white one I’m my cart, but the black one was never available. Mistake or are flipper bots now buying them all instantly?
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I tried to get an Everest this morning. I was able to put a white one I’m my cart, but the black one was never available. Mistake or are flipper bots now buying them all instantly?
I don’t think there were bots, I was able to get a black one this morning, refreshed the page from 8:58 and as soon as I saw it available I purchased it.
But yeah by 9:01 est the black were gone already and the white was sold out shortly after.
I am not sure about the gilt version (the only one available this morning together with the white one) that was available but since the process is so quirky I just decided to try. I hope I like it as it is very difficult to fully understand how it looks from the pics.

To be fair, it is a made in China rolex homage, you can buy those all day long on ali-x
Link please. All I can see on Ali-x are very poorly made copies but I’d be happy to get another watch with a similar quality for a fraction of the price
TF shipping is very fast. I have a delivery estimate of tomorrow! Ordered Sunday and delivered Tuesday to NYC.

I am also in NYC and received the UPS email saying it is out for delivery today,very surprised.
Can’t wait, will post later my impressions on the watch.
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Which model did you get?
The black dial with gilt, what about you?

Mine arrived today around 7pm, I have to size the bracelet now but can’t wait to see the dial under sunlight :)
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I hope no one will get offended here, but Smiths is a perfect example of artificial scarcity.
I feel like if these were available all the time less people would buy them.
Sorry but no.
I have been a customer of timefactors for over 15 years and I have followed the birth and evolution of the Smiths brand and the everest.
It is a watch that I wanted to buy since it was launched and at the beginning was readily available, no waiting time, no hype, none of the current nonsense.
But then it started getting attention and the demand started booming.
I was on the fence for it being made in HK instead of UK but at the end I regretted not buying it immediately as I honestly liked how it looked and the review talk about a very high quality watch.

So I ended up buying it and it was not that difficult, plus considering that they go on the secondary market for almost twice the price, if this was artificial scarcity Eddie would be a fool in the first place not to increase the price.

I think it is the brand name, even though TF and the owner has nothing to with Smiths, he did not even buy the name
from the original owner, people still connect this to the old Smiths
I don't hink it is the brand name but the overall watch. Eddie took a reference a real 1016 of his own collection and created something much better than any other homage or similar that was on the market at that time (a few years ago). At that time only the Zeno was available.
So it is also the quality and the design.

San Martin.
Sure, but that is not a "made in China rolex homage, you can buy those all day long on ali-x"
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I traded my Smiths in for a San Martin. I would have sold the Smiths locally, but I got the thing broken (poor packaging, wouldn't run) and it cost me $100 to return the darn thing.

San Martin is 10x better in quality. The Smiths isn't bad (although that case is so generic, I bought one like that for $10). SM has a variety of sizes (36 & 39) variety of indexes (applied or just lume on dial), even a variety of dial colors. There isn't a huge difference (new) between the San Martin and the Rolex (other than the movement which is hugely different). Even the lume looks the same. The SM is bigger (really 35mm vs 37mm) and oddly wears slightly more comfortable than the 👑.

The Smiths isn't much difference than a "homage" watch I bought for $10, except that the lume is great, and the dial is pretty gorgeous.

SM I bought (black dial, no logo):
Ok, I didn't know they were on sale on Ali X as well.

10x seems a lot, I will have to check it out.
Well, I have to say that it does look good and solid.
As I mentioned, I was not sure about the gilt finish as I always preferred the standard one but in real life it is very subtle and the way it reflects sunlight is very cool.
The dial looks polished/lacquered.

The feeling of the watch itself is definitely not cheap. Not bad at all, let’s wear it for a few days and see.

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I have a question, can you write great britain on a watch even though it is made in HK?
I guess the difference is the fact that it does not state "made in" but simply "Great Britain".
Therefore, I don't think it is misleading anybody or breaking any law.

And just for info in the customs paper the watch is declared with strap and case made in HK and movement made in Japan.
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It is not worth it. Plenty of similar watches on Aliexpress for half of the price. Also would like to see Eddie change the bottom text for "Made for Great Britain by a Chinese factory".
Again, those are boring and pointless comments.
The truth is that up until the Smiths Everest arrived into the market, you could only find crappy explorer homages on Ali X. It was the first high quality version of this particular watch and opened the way to everybody that came later.

And as I just replied, it does not say "made in Great Britain", the origin of the watch is stated on their website, on the customs paper and also while new versions are developed Eddie always mentions his HK supplier.

It is unfortunately the reality of our time that most of everything we buy is made in Asia, especially if you are a small operation.
I understand he might be somewhat rude at times and we all want everything ready when we are at the price we want, but if you want to go buy a similar watch on Ali X just go and enjoy it.
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Not misleading? What's a consumer meant to assume when seeing "Great Britain" on a product?
I am sorry and I picked up the wrong words.
I work with import and export and I see this all the time but I do understand that it could be misleading to the general public.

The rule of thumb is the presence of the words "made in" before any geographical indication that would imply a deeper relevance according to the local laws. If you don't have those words, you should not assume that any product is made in the country reported.

In this case the owner never made a mystery of where the watch is produced and country of origin information are provided with the customs documents.
But I recognise that it is not specified in the description of the product on the website.
Anyway for all the ones that tried and couldn't get it last Sunday, there will be a new opening on 2/19, the gilt and the white will be available.
I really like the honeycomb, I thought about taking it and sell the gilt I got last time, but I am loving the gilt one too, maybe in the future…
Looking forward to seeing your pictures!
Definately return it. If the crystal is not seated properly then it could fall out. The water sealing of the crystal gasket will be suspect. It requires the crystal being removed and reseated using a new gasket. This means taking the movement out. Not a difficult job with the right tools but time consuming.
One up.
Definitely return it, it is not a cheap watch and should be perfect
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