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Catch and Release - that was a short lived affair. I thought I'd place her on the block since my new Smiths PRS-25 will be living on my wrist 24/7.

NM condition as received. Worn for 1 Saturday than back in the drawer. You know what you're getting when you buy this baby...a no nonsense Sub style watch that won't break the bank but stretch your dollar mileage out big time.

This was a pleasure for the short time I've had her. Tells EXCELLENT time. Seriously. It ticks like a time bomb and is not smooth at all, but honestly timekeeping has been excellent and I haven't seen this much bang for your buck for a while but YMMV. Look at that LUME! People say the lume dies quickly....sure, I will contend the brightness goes down fast, but settles on a nice, low glow that has been visible all night long with no problems telling time in complete darkness. (In contrast when I have had Invicta 8926 subs the lume went completely dead after 2 hrs)

For full disclosure, please note that the bezel insert pip has NO LUME. It's like...cosmetic or something.

Pics are of the watch on Hadley Oyster. Hadley Oyster is in about 92% condition, sized for a loose 7.5" and I think a couple more links. Therefore I will give you a couple of options...

Watch on Hadley Oyster as pictured (crappy unworn stock strap included) - *SOLD* for $60 Paypal shipped CONUS. Trust me, you want this combo. The Hadley is a go to for cheap watches, works equally as well with Invictas that do 20mm lugs... the heft totally adds that extra oomph to an otherwise cheap Asian timepiece.

OR you can get the Alpha Milsub on the cheap crappy stock canvas for what I swooped this up for, $42 Paypal, shipped CONUS.

The Hadley originally cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 so do the math, but if you want head on the canvas strap then you're welcome to her.

On to the pics, my friends! (Mineral glass is clear - that's lint you're looking at)


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