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Okay, here's the scoop. I bought this vintage C022 Aqualand approximately one month ago from a fellow member. The same day I put in a, what the heck, low-ball bid on another Aqualand that I found on an auction site. I wound up winning the auction. So now I have 2, make that 2.5 (see below) Aqualands. I only need one.

I'm going to be lazy and basically copy the details from the original post. I have not worn the watch so condition remains the same. I am going to add that the bezel is in very, very good shape as is the case. You are going to be hard pressed to find any major dings or nicks on the case (except on the back) and I don't think there are any blemishes on the bezel. Really good shape considering the age of the watch. The only issues are a tiny bit of missing lume on the second hand and some shallow scratches on the crystal. They are the type that cannot been seen straight on, but only at certain angles.

I am also using my own photos that show the watch in better details. In the first pic, you can see 2 or 3 white specs on the crystal. I believe that to be a couple of tiny flecks of the missing lume that didn't get completely blown out.

Condition and details:

Used but good condition. The case shows normal wear and some dings, but overall in very good shape. However, if you are looking for NOS this is not it. Bezel markings are in very good shape (see pics). Lume dot still present on bezel. Crystal has scratches (shallow, but still there); however is still sound and serviceable. Watch hands are faded. Lume is still ok (medium-low). Please note: Part of the lume on the second-hand dot has fallen off. This was removed and blown off so it's not floating around between the dial and crystal.

All functions work, including the alarm. Bezel turns normally. No strap.

Free case and parts

To make up for the missing lume in the second-hand, I am including a spare case, with dial and hands as well. The case is functional and in good shape. Crystal is scratched but still serviceable. Please note, the included module does NOT work. However, the dial and hands are in very good condition, and your watchmaker can swap the parts out for you very easily (or you can do it yourself if you feel comfortable with it). In the pics I am using the tape to keep the module from falling out of the case. In these watches the crown/stem keeps the module from falling out of the case.


Payment via PayPal only & will ship to paypal verified addresses only.

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