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*** I am willing to consider these in trade: Omega Speedmaster Professional (3570.50), the newer the better; Omega Aqua Terra 8500; Zenith; IWC. Value adjustments made where appropriate. Let's see what you have! Thx.


To be honest, I can't believe I'm doing this. I've decided on a new plan, and the sacrificing of my coveted OMEGA SMP "Bond" (2531.80) is the first step. I am one hundred percent confident this watch is the best condition original "Bond" SMP available today. If you've been waiting for the right original SMP Bond, this is the one to buy. |>

My price is slightly higher than what you can pick up an average to good condition example for, but this particular example is worth the premium for the following reasons:

• I am VERY picky when it comes to bezel alignment, bezel function, and bezel condition. I recently replaced the entire bezel assembly with a brand new OEM unit. The work was done at an Omega boutique/service center, for a total cost of close to $300 USD. Both the bezel spring and click spring were replaced at this time as well. The new bezel is in perfect shape, and functions with a solid, positive action. The bezel alignment is PERFECTLY CENTERED.

• I've owned it for about a year; the original owner was meticulous, and sent it in for a full service less than two years ago, when it was three years old or so. This watch will not need servicing for several years to come. I haven't timed it recently, but the last time I did, it was keeping time in the +1-3 seconds per day range. It is extremely stable.

• This is one of the VERY LAST EXAMPLES of the highly sought after original Bonds. It was originally purchased from an AD (Tourneau in Chicago) at the end of 2006, when the newer Co-Axial 2220.80s were coming to market.

• Other than one tiny nick on the ten o'clock lug, one small mark (that can easily be polished out) on the five o'clock lug, and one faint line on the case back (that can also be polished out), this watch has no other significant marks. Faint hairlines from normal wear are unavoidable, but overall, this watch really looks fantastic. It's in absolutely tip-top shape!

• I am an active member of WUS, mainly on the Omega forum, and a trusted seller and buyer on this Sales Corner. As we often say, you should always "Buy the Seller." I believe in full disclosure (as you can see from my many detailed photos), and open communication. I stand by all of my sales, and will keep in close contact with you throughout the exchange.

(Photo shows old bezel next to the brand new one. Old bezel NOT included. Thx.)

*** My price is $1,900 USD, FIRM for the watch on its original bracelet. This price includes all PayPal fees, and expedited shipping via EMS (approx. four business days; $50 USD value). PayPal Instant Transfer only. Please PM me here at WUS.


*** The OEM blue rubber strap and deployant are an additional $300 USD. The OEM rubber strap was purchased new from my local Omega boutique just last week. It's been worn for a day and a half, total. The deployant is in excellent shape. Ofrei sells the strap for $200 USD, and the deployant for $260 USD. You may choose to buy only the strap for $150 USD, if you buy the watch (and, say, already have a deployant).

*** I will accept $2,150 for everything. That's for the watch on bracelet AND the OEM rubber strap with deployant.

Photos of actual watch:

(This is a brand new bezel assembly. It is PERFECTLY ALIGNED! ;-))

(This OEM blue rubber SMP strap is new. I just bought it last week. It sells at Ofrei for approx. $200 USD. The deployant sells for $260 USD.)

(This end link shows the newer style laser etched part numbers.)

(These are basically the only main marks.)

(Watch will ship in this new, unused leather case. $50 USD value! Omega boxes and papers will ship from my CA, USA address. Thx!)

I am an active member here at WUS. I will only sell to fellow members. I have many references in the "Watch Deals Report" forum. I will expect references from you as well.

I am an American, but I am in Shanghai for work. The watch will ship from here, in the brand new brown leather cigar style watch case. The original Omega boxes and papers will ship from my California, USA address.

Buyer pays any additional duties or taxes levied by your government/customs. That said, I've sold dozens of watches, and literally hundreds of straps from this location, and NOT ONE person has had to pay additional fees.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Re: WTT: Excellent Condition OMEGA SMP (2531.80) Original "Bond" for Speedy Pro, or...?

SOLD. Thanks, WUS.

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