I purchased this Grand Seiko SBGP001 from an AD just under a year ago. I do love it, but I am selling it to buy a different GS with better dial legibility as my eyesight is getting poor.

Initially, I decided to sell/trade this 001 to a retailer. Instead of trying to sell it here on WUS or on ebay, I decided to lose a few bucks and take the easy route and just trade it in at a retailer who had the GS I wanted to trade for.

Full disclosure:

The new GS I decided to get was at Crown and Caliber (341). CC offered me a $1750 voucher. I sent this 001 GS in for trade and upon a closer inspection, they didn’t want to follow through with the initial offer – there were some little nicks and abrasions they couldn’t buff out. They’d have to send it back to Japan for a proper buff. I didn’t think it was so bad, but they like to sell watches that look new and pretty much flawless. Rather than re-negotiate, I had them send the watch back to me.

At the time, I got this watch appraised at 4 other online retailers. Crown and Caliber had the second highest offer ($1600). I went with C&C because they had the watch I wanted to trade for. Keep in mind, these retailers offer a wholesale price when they make an offer as they need to make money off of it when they resell it. (My offers ranged from $1495 to $1850).

This GS is 10+ months old and I wore it 2-3 times a week 10 months.
By no means is it abused or damaged. There are small nicks/abrasions from normal wear. There is some Zaratzu polishing remaining. It is not easy keeping a GS pristine... So please understand, This watch has been worn. It has some minor wear. It would need to be sent back to Japan to look "new" again. It is in really good condition, but it is not pristine - If it were, I'd be asking for one thousand more dollars.

I will show several pictures that were taken recently… and you likely won’t see anything in the photos that would give you pause. You need a good eye and the right light to see the wear.
If you require a phone conversation or zoom call, that is fine. I want you to have confidence buying this watch as I do not want to have a “return” or unhappy situation.

I paid $3200 for it last July at the Little Treasury outside Annapolis, and the receipt is included to verify this.

I’d like to get at least half of the money back. I want $1750 delivered. That’s around the median “wholesale” price I was offered from 5 different retailers. That covers Fed Ex shipping in the US, insurance, professional packing from Fed Ex and fees if you use Paypal. I will discount the price if you have a better or less expensive way to acquire the watch… such as in person. I live outside of Philadelphia.

This watch will fit up to an 8-inch wrist. Box, papers, receipt, extra link, hang tag, booklet, polishing cloth etc are all included.

Thank you,