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Took these on trade over the last couple months and while a really like them both and I'm blown away by the value in them, they just don't quite fit my collection... you know... we have to have themes to control ourselves, right?

The Helm Vanuatu is a solid 95% plus condition. Comes with the lumed PVD bezel insert, the super engineer bracelet as well as the signed rubber strap. Box and papers, all extra links and polishing cloth included. Helm watches are sold out for months at a time. I asked to be on the waiting list for one of their other pieces and there were like 4400 people in front of me in line. Needless to say a cult classic here. On the strap it really has a German tool watch feel and look to it... on the bracelet its just a bad are piece of machined steel!

Looking for $400.00 OBRO shipped on a straight sale and $425.00 trade value.

Trades? My collection is cocked full of retro styled reissues and modern sized stainless vintage divers. Off the top of my head a few things that I would be interested in 2:1, 1:1 or 1:1 +/- cash as needed are as follows:

Zodiac Skin Diver (top of my list)
Zodiac Oceanaire stainless case only
Vostok 1967 steel reissue
Vostok NVCH30 remake
Le Jour Hammer Head GMT
Certina DS PH200 or LTD edition
Timefactors Baby Dread
Bulova devil diver (orange swLTD only please)
Seiko SRP Turtles
Seiko 62MAS reissue 051/053
Unimatic U2-H

These are on my list, I'm not opposed to other retro divers, but not really into anything modern. Typically no micros, these were exceptions and I was pleased, but I'm trying to maintain some order :) 38-42mm stainless/bronze/Ti no plating please. Prefer Swiss or Japanese autos.



The Nethuns Root Beer Scuba 500 really impressed me too. I see influences from every iconic dive watch I've ever owned all wrapped up in a modern 42mm wearable example with modern touches. The watch is brilliant. Even at full list of $350.00 it would be tough to find a nicer piece. Mirrored polished edges, helium release, lumen ceramic insert.. The only downside is no box on this one. overall 95% on this one too.

Hows $225.00 straight sale shipped in the USA and $250.00 trade value.


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Thanks for the offers guys, lots of great stuff, but I really am only considering retro styled divers as potential trades. The Helm is a fantastic piece and if I weren't refining my collection to only these types of divers, I would keep the Helm in the rotation!
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