For sale is my IWC 377717, the blue sunburst Le Petit Prince on bracelet; only selling to consolidate the collection. I’m the original owner, purchased brand new from my AD back in March 2022 (they ordered this straight from IWC, so it never sat in any display). Complete set, down to the hangtag. Majority of the 8-year warranty is intact. Worn less than 5 times; I’m very careful with all my watches and this one is no exception, so it’s truly in mint condition. Bracelet has never been removed. During each of the very few times I’ve had to unthread the crown it was threaded back in with back-threading to seat the threads and prevent cross-threading, slowly threaded in, and immediately stopped at resistance as not to prevent over-compression of the gasket. In the two times I’ve had to wind the watch it was never wound more than needed to start the movement, as to minimize wear on the winding gears. Chronograph was run once for one minute (alignment at zero is the best I’ve ever seen on a chronograph). Never seen water. Always made sure the bracelet never touches the caseback. Never wiped down the few times I’ve worn it, having worked in the automotive paint correction industry I’m all too familiar with microscopic marring that can accumulate on the metal and outer AR coating. And as you can probably deduced by now, it was never dropped and always laid down gentler than an egg.

One of the best watches I’ve ever had, period. The bracelet itself is an absolute work of art; my favorite bracelet on any watch that I’ve had the pleasure of wearing, including modern Rolex (there’s a reason ALS went with the same manufacturer for the Odysseus). There’s the tool-less microadjust clasp, actuated via a button that’s cleverly integrated into the logo, with enough extension to accommodate the hottest of days, a system for removing links and sizing via the flushed buttons on the underside (no more accidental slips with a screwdriver), which not only makes the bracelet look much cleaner from the side profile and allows for thorough cleaning of each individual pieces should you wish to do so, but it also means all the individual links move independently and makes for a bracelet that drapes ever so elegantly. I could go on for hours about the bracelet alone, but in short, it’s one of the very best bracelets ever made.

ETA 7750 is one of my favorite movements (love the wobble), and having had a few over the years, this is by far my favorite implementation. IWC specified their desired specs to ETA, but beyond being the top grade, they perform all regulations/adjustments/modifications in-house, and it really shows. Easily one of the best chronograph pushers feels, very crisp and precise, and it would give even the top column wheel chronographs a run for their money. Keeps great time at under +3 spd (as always, YMMV).

The 3777 is my all-time favorite generation in IWC's storied line of pilot's chrono, and the 3777-17 in particular is my favorite reference. IMO the watch really came into its own when it transitioned to the 43mm case. I love that all the chronograph counters/hands are aligned vertically, unlike the present gen. Last, but certainly not least, this has the most gorgeous blue dial I've seen on any watch, it's truly mesmerizing. Priced to sell at $4750 shipped CONUS, via bank wire or Zelle. No trades please.