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Complete LOT, do not wish to separate.. The Nick Mankey is $40.00 on its own and 8 weeks to get, so this really is a great deal.

Star of the lot:
20MM Nick mankey STUD single pass- Worn for a couple days on a couple watches.

22mm waffle dive strap- cut for 6.75 wrist
20mm CN sport tropic- Worn but clean and soft
20MM tropic sail cloth-New
18mm hand made stitchless strap from Bulgarian Ebayer (paid @35.00)
20mm VAER zulu-worn
20mm light OD Great (mid to high quality nato)
22mm Gray Zulu- Very nice quality- Lightly worn.-nice machined hardware
23mm Diavas Buckle
22mm Zelos buckle

a number of random buckles- Perfect for when someone beats up on your watch that's for sale and you want to keep that sweet signed buckle for the next watch :)

$55.00 shipped for the lot.

Wood Toolbox Font Tool Musical instrument accessory
Wood Tire Rectangle Automotive tire Material property

Wood Textile Pattern Font Electronic device
Wood Rectangle Material property Bumper Musical instrument accessory
Musical instrument Wood Musical instrument accessory Bumper Material property
Wood Household hardware Hardwood Office supplies Font
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