Looking to mix up the collection a bit. This watch is really pretty bad ass, but I've lost some weight and I'm leaning to smaller watches again. Its 44mm wide but also only 44mm long having basically no lugs. It wears really nice. Really nice gray sunburst dial does NOT represent in pics at all. 20mm lug spacing, the watch has endless strap options... I've put it on an Isofrane, Tropics, canvas, mesh... it looks great.

Comes with 2 factory bracelets. The quality of the bracelets is insane. Between the really cool divers extension on the mesh and the 100% tooless sizing on the oyster, I'm just blown away. All links included but not shown.

My wife threw out the watch roll that the watch shipped in... it would be nice to have it all but it really wasn't special-Sorry.

Numbered of ONLY 182 pieces. The watch is all but new condition. Will also include the orange canvas strap seen in the pics.

Trades? I really like similar retro styled pieces, mostly divers. A few things on my list and I can go +/- cash as needed or multiple pieces for one. Some thing is always coming or going from my watch box, so I don't mind a few lesser valued pieces either.

The Zodiac retails for @$2K, with the missing watch roll but added bracelets, I would look at a trade value around $1500.00 in slightly used condition and a straight purchase price of $1300.00 shipped. I think thats soft, but I also know its not everyones cup of tea either.

-Zodiac Skin Diver-any color but the off white is top on my list
-Serica 5303-either color
-Zodiac Olympos (military edition)
-Doxa 200T, 300T or 600T
-Aquastar Deepstar II- Prefer blue dial but pretty open
-TAG Heuer Super Professional- if you have one thats not too beat up.
-New Squale Carbon or other unique Squale pieces
-Longines Legend or Big Eye Chronograph
-New Squale Carbon or other unique Squale pieces
-Maybe Tag Heuer Monaco (Heuer only dial versions)
-Hamilton Intramatic Chronos
-Mono pusher chronos have caught my eye as of late too... Timefactors? Vertex? etc

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Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Watch accessory

...Trying to capture the sunburst dial without the sun to make it burst... :(
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