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Also I (unfortunate) get into my hands, a GW-5525 of unknown origin.

Why unfortunate? Someone was 'fixing it', and:

- replaced battery with a fake panasonic, which leaked o|
- squished a gasket with a caseback o|
- probably lost one spring o|

This is how the watch looks in normal situation (foto from the web):

So this is what i have:

  • module with a module cover - don't know in what condition, i don't have right now even a cr1616 to check it out (probably one spring is missing from the back, because there's only one)
  • strap, bezel, caseback, and all screws in pristine condition
  • case which got some weird markings on the glass - probably from acid from the leaked battery

Photos (80-220KB each).

strap1, strap2,bezel1, bezel2,caseback1, caseback2,
module cover1, module cover2, gasket, case1,case2,
module1, module2, caseback-screws, bezel-screws,

Just choose the pics above, direct links without ads.

strap + bezel + screws = 30$
caseback + screws = 10$
module + cover + case = 10$*


shipping by registered mail + 3$.

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