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Up for your consideration is my Omega Triple Calender. 39mm, Outer Box, inner box, book and warranty card holder.

Currently sized for 6.5” wrist with 2 extra links. Was cleaned and serviced prior to my receiving it over the summer. Reference # 3523.30. Everything winds, sets, and runs perfectly. Chrono resets perfect. It is extremely clean.

In terms of trades, Nothing over 44mm, no Gold, and no vintage. Maybe a Sinn, Tudor, Muhle, or ??? Show me something good!

Price/Trade Value $2,000 - CONUS Only

Any questions feel free to ask.

4F13EB5E-249F-438F-A9F7-655B7D63F460.jpeg 75BE51B0-64A1-43F9-9D3F-DA3512F47A81.jpeg 1C59EC95-EFF0-4D84-A06D-116F8FA925C5.jpeg FCA166EA-3016-4445-8381-836FC7B4EF36.jpeg 45073E2E-D729-46F8-A4D2-924BCBE12292.jpeg D1C0D8E0-064B-44FC-8318-EA1F8F069449.jpeg B031632B-4DF9-4A40-AA58-A3E959ADCB03.jpeg 91D825BB-1FBD-4BC9-9B61-3A20A60E7893.jpeg E54D34C7-9AE9-4455-983B-7D1B47D91248.jpeg 00521740-1774-4EED-B15D-767AC3C62A19.jpeg
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