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I've the the Frederique Constant Analytics, so I might as well play with it right?

So this came up in the discussion of there a big problem leaving a Powermatic 80 sitting on a dresser for a weekend? Can't answer that one from experience but hey, I've got a way to look at what I do have.

The Analytics is collecting timing data for 2 minutes, to minimize short-term aberrations. The stability graph has shown, this is a good idea.

Case 1: CW Slimline Square. hand winding Sellita, 42 hour PR
full wind: +13 s/d
+6hr: +10 s/d
+16hr: +8.6 s/d
+24hr: -3 s/d (have to wonder about this one)
+30h: +8 s/d
+34h: -16 s/d
+40h: -11 s/d

Stopped at about +45 hours.

The Analytics microphone and software are finicky, to say the least. Got a reading once from my Cocktail Time...but couldn't get it to read it after that. The signal graph looks good enough to be analyzed to me, so I'm thinking it's more in the software than the hardware. Still, I'll play around with it and try some others for right now. And re-time the CW to see if the behavior is repeated, or whether other factors might have been in play.
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