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I have wanted to try this for a while now. Bought the right tools to get started, and picked out one of my Seiko SKX007 to be my first "victim" about a month ago....

The watch was already a yobokies mod, but it was all I had at the present time.....

First a lay-out of the tools needed:


1st Pic:
- Caseback opener/closer
- Eyeglass loupe
- Case holder
- "Custom" made dial-protector
- Jars for parts

2nd Pic:
- Hand setting tools (top left corner)
- Screwdrivers
- Handremoving tool
- Knife with bezel/snap-back case remover
- Pliers
- Tweezer
- Movement holder

The crystal press is shown further down in this post....


Before start, this is how the seiko skx007 looked like:

It's time to start this highly difficult surgical intervention and both me and the seiko diver are nervous....

Step 1.

Remove the caseback:

Step 2:

Crown and stem to be removed...

Step 3:

The movement is removed from the case....

Out of the case.....

Step 4:

Custom made dial protector on the dial.... ;-)
(link on the dial protector refers to a norwegian watch forum :-!)

Step 5:

Hand removal...

Step 6:

Dial removal:

Step 7:

Crystal glass removal:

Half way through it's time for a break...

Part II
After 17 cups of espresso my hands are shaking enough to start up again :-!

Step 8

Chapter ring installed again....

Step 9

Crystal installation....

Step 10

Dial is mounted again....

Step 11

Now the tricky part.... installing the hands....

Step 12

Putting the movement back in the case......

Step 13

Mounting the rotor...

Step 14

Installing new bezel insert and bezel ring....

And the result?????

First mod went well with no problems, everything went silky smooth. Not the coolest mod, but due to lack of parts in stock I had to take what i had. The intension was to determine if this was doable for a noob like me....

Time spent on project including coffee break: 3 hrs

A week after my first mod attempt, I got new parts in the mail.

Our friend the Seiko diver from my first attempt volunteered to get back under the knife for another plastic surgeon...

Here's a picture of our friend from my first post and his new parts.....

I did not make this a photoshoot operation, since the procedure is the same as last time....

But here's the result:

This time I only used 2 hrs... and it was easier without the shaky hands....

My next project was modding a Seiko 5 Military watch.... It uses the same movement as the SKX007 and the parts are interchangable....

Only have before and after pics.....



Time spent on the project: 1 hour....

After modding the Seiko 5 Military, I decided to do another mod that same day (yes I was bored out of my mind...)

This time our friend from my previous posts yet again volunteered....

Again only before and after pics....



This time i also changed the crown with one from an orange/black monster... a bit tricky since the new stem was longer than the one on the SKX007, and the crown had to be screwed on the stem. Had to cut it short to make it fit properly...


Time spent: 1 hour

My latest project, I borrowed the design from a fellow WUS member because I liked it so much... hope he's not angry with me....


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Step by step... great post. :)
Nice mods, I really like the first one you made and yellow sub200 is perfect for summer.

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very nice post. It makes me want to put one of my monsters under the knife. But then I'll spend all of my time and money on mods and have little for new watches.

Very nice post. very well done indeed.

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Great job Stipey! b-)
Well done, nice write up and pics.:-!
Lots of interesting looks, you can have a new watch every month, as a one watch collection. lol.
My fav is the last one with the monster dial mod. Very cool.

Thanks for sharing.

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This really is a great post! :-!

I have been contemplating trying this out myself, but I was not sure if it is something I should tackle. I have a few questions if you don't mind. Can I ask you how you removed the crown and stem? I recall that there is some sort of locking mechanism that keeps the crown and stem in place. Also, after the crown and stem are removed, can the movement be lifted out of the case without any procedure?

Thanks again and I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out myself.

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Outstanding presentation. Fantastic mods. A job well done! :-!

Thanks for sharing with us and taking the time to take pictures along the way.
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