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The subject in question- my Poljot Aviator automatic, & my Luminox 1563T, used for synchronization:

The tools used:
Case wrench, 5x loupe, jeweler's screwdriver, & air blower [used to blow any dust out of the watch]:

A better photo of the wrench. Adjustments are made with this wrench as follows: The distance, front to back, between the teeth [for want of a better word] is varied by twisting the handle left or right, & the width is varied by turning the knurled disc back and forth:

The business end of the wrench:

The screwdriver has the number 6 on the shaft- I don't know what the 6 refers to, but the screwdriver is about 1mm or so:

After undoing the deployant clasp on the strap, I just held the watch in my left hand, and played with the adjustments on the wrench, until I felt it grip the caseback properly. I turned the wrench GENTLY to loosen the caseback, then finished removing it by hand.

The various bits: Caseback, watch, wrench. Note that I've stopped the movement by pulling the crown out to the time setting position; I was informed the movement could be worked on while running, but I felt more comfortable this way.

A delicate process here- I'm using both hands to work the screwdriver. My left hand is steadying the screwdriver, & I'm GENTLY turning it with the right. A soft touch, it would seem, is needed- I can easily see exerting too much pressure in this process, & messing up the movement.

The end result. Because this is the third time I'm regulating the watch, I've almost run out of adjusting room- you can see the screw is turned almost completely towards the "-" side.

The third to last step: Using the air blower, I blow out any dust that might have gotten into the movement. Since the watch was only open for about 30 mins., I doubt much would have settled in there, but why not be careful?

Finishing up: After all is done, I started to screw the caseback on manually, then finished with the wrench. I turned the back until I couldn't turn it anymore, but always worked GENTLY with the wrench.

And, finally, I synchronized the Poljot with the Luminox. So, we'll see what happens as the hours pass.


My edc for the moment- Poljot Aviator automatic, ~46mm w/crown:

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