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As noted in my recent post, I've recently received the new Black Marine Original. This afternoon while working in the yard, I thought about the serial numbering for the MO watches. Based upon the numbering of my black MO, I'm guessing that Stowa isn't treating the black MO as a new/different Stowa model. Rather, I'm guessing that an MO is an MO is an MO. So the black MO's will not have separate, new serial numbering.

I don't know how many other Black MO's are out there, though I'm guessing very few at this point. But, the numbering on my new black MO is 1303 (my older white MO is 1013-love those 13's). Therefore, I'm guessing the new black MO's will share sequential numbering with the white MO's.

Just something that came to mind earlier.

Take care-


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