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Because some recent discussion has shown that the matter is far from clear, I thought we'd try to assemble a picture catalog of GF endpieces for our beloved Zeniths

Please help this database grow - add to it, preferably with comparable images

ZB: for ladder bracelet, ref A 279

ZC: for ladder bracelet, octagonal-cased ('Miura') Defys

ZE: for ladder bracelet, external bezel round-cased divers, here shown with ref A 3830

ZJ: for ladder bracelet, ref A 386

ZKM (apparently also ZK for ladder bracelet, angled tonneau-cased early El Primeros refs A 384, 385, 3817, 3818

ZR: for lobster bracelet for slab-cased early El Primeros (A 781-2-3, Espada) and similarly-cased Defys
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