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Here's an update to my SOTC since everyone loves photos amIrite? :-d


First up, starting my top row, L to R, my Blumo (SBDC003). First Seiko I've ever owned, and an unlucky watch since it came down with multiple problems. Sent it to Duncan Hewitt for repairs and a sapphire crystal upgrade. Got it on an Endmill bracelet, looks the part, but the weight reduces the time I spend with it.


The Landmaster SBDW005 is a watch I've bought and sold twice already, this particular one was supposed to have been sold to a WIS friend but he backed away so it got to stay with me a little longer. I'm a big fan of the nice contrast between the burgundy red dial and titanium grey.


The SBDD003 Marinemaster 200 (yes, there was another watch with that official moniker before the new arrival last year) is a killer watch. Real men size at 47mm, diashield treated PVD titanium. Great on rubber, canvas strap or NATOs too.



The SBCW003 Scubamaster and the SBCW007 Scubamaster Pippin Ferreras are fantastic watches from the nineties with really intricate dials and fabulous bezels; high intensity titanium one-piece design really shines.



Starting out bottom row with The Citizen AQ1030-57H. This watch exceeded all expectations. Amazing build quality, fantastic charcoal radiant dial, super-clear sapphire and high quality mirror polished indexes. A sight to behold.



Zimbe Shogun up next. Great fan of the Shogun case, this one has the signature misaligned bezel ring but a spot-on 6R15 makes up for the slight disappointment. I could see myself returning to the stock version however when the much-promised ceramic bezel insert finally arrives.


The SBDX007 Landmaster equipped with a 8L35 automatic movement and clad in high intensity titanium is a top-notch piece, probably one of the finest ever made with the Seiko logo on it. I'm truly proud to own it.


A blast from the eighties, the Citizen SPT56-9863 is a fabulous design combining a two-tone style with titanium grey; results are amazing and I even tracked down into the rabbit hole of Japanese auctions the ultra rare bracelet. A very bold and striking combination.


Latest addition to the collection, the GMT 5th gen Alpinist; I was curious to check it on my wrist and although it is smaller than my ideal size at 38.5mm across, it wears amazingly well. The dial captivates your attention and it just screams quality in a way modern Seikos do not.


I'm quite content with my collection so far, can't say I expect major changes this year, unless ofc a unicorn makes a surprise appearance ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look! :-! Feel free to shoot any questions

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Awesome George!!
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