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Last week I attended the Speedy Tuesday VIP event at Space Expo in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. There is no better place to hold such a Speedy event than at Space Expo. Space Expo features the most historical events in Space throughout the years. There's a lot to learn, to see, and to experience. They have a very nice collection of historical stuff, like the suits of famous astronauts, and replica's (in real size) of shuttles, satellites, etcetera. Well worth a visit if you are in Holland some day (close to The Hague).

We were welcomed by the people of Fratellowatches and Omega and guided to the VIP lounge.

Guess who ... :)

Inside the lounge there was this long table. On it there were several bulbs with some unique and very rara museum pieces from the Omega Museum of Bienne Switzerland.

In the middle with the blue jacket is Dennis Van Staa from Fratellowatches. On his right Bernard Werk (owner and chief editor of the Dutch watch magazine "Watching") taking pictures.

One of the bulbs with some historical Omega timepieces. On the back, Robert-Jan Broer from Fratellowatches with Gerard Nijenbrinks (Speedmaster collector and owner of and blogger on on his right. Can you guess the HUGE watch he's wearing? Continue to read this report and you will get a clue. Between the two there is the curator of the Omega Museum.

Always a pleasure to meet with old friends. From left to right: Bert Buijsrogge (fratellowatches) and (Hodinkee). And there is almost every time this "game" to photograph the photographer :)

But most of the time we take pictures of all the candy available. Do you recognize what is inside the bulb? Yes, it is the watch Gerard is wearing, although he has the round Speedmaster. It's the Alaska Project. The red casing is to prevent the watch from extreme cold.

Guest of honor: Mr. James Ragan, retired NASA engineer who was responsible for testing of the astronaut chronographs for manned missions (and much more). Mr. Ragan is wearing his Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo-Soyuz with Meteorite dial.

And the one Mr Broer from fratellowatches was wearing:

He wrote about this timepiece and another ones recently. Check it here. Back to the Speedy Tuesday Event:

As mentioned we all sat at a large table. Next to the Omega Museum curator sits Alon Ben Joseph, CEO of ACE Jewelers Amsterdam and one of the respected sponsors of Watchuseek.

We had a great lunch!

And Bernard Werk is taking pictures again. Is that TWO speedy's he's wearing? ;-)

One of the Omega Museum personnel is showing Ben Clymer a historical leaflet:

And the close-up shows it is in Spanish!

After the lunch we were invited for a guided tour. We also were invited to sit next to Mr. Ragan in the moon vehicle (replica).

Space Expo is worthwhile a visit, and I would recommend a guided tour, because then, and only then, you will better understand the history and future of space programs.

And of course, Space Expo honors and salutes the Omega Speedmaster. There is this huge one above the entrance. And yes, it is a working clock!

Thank you Robert, for the great tour and the knowledge you shared with us!

Errr, did I already mention that Bernard Werk was there too?

Ok, time for a final shot:

And a video of "the launch" of the Ariane rocket:

A BIG thank you to Fratellowatches and Omega for a great event and for having me!

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Thank You for taking the time to publish such a wonderful report. It looks like a great event. As you say, the perfect location.

I attended an Watchmaker Event at the Vancouver Boutique on Wednesday. I will make a thread of it shorty, soon as I receive all the photos.

Thanks again for a great presentation!


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Excellent post Mr Romers!

i love that Akaska Project, that's the first one I've ever seen in a non-standard Speedmaster case, has anyone got any more info on this volcano-shaped behemoth?
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