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First off, forgive my butchering of terminology or limited knowledge of watches. I am somewhat new to this world, and the only experience I've had is watch shopping for my boyfriend--after which I decided to get him the Ball Trainmaster Cleveland Express. It took about a month of research to choose this watch, so you can understand how "picky" I am. Also, based on my choice, you see how much I appreciate "quality for price-point", as well as gravitation towards brands that are not widely known by the masses (Omega, Rolex, TAG etc.).

Another occasion for a gift is coming up and I'd like to get him another watch, but one under $350 (i know, totally diff ballpark, than BALL, but times are tough) and one that is more sporty and rugged, versus classic and sleek. I would like similar features that drew me to the Ball:

- Bang for the buck (tho the Ball was in no way "cheap")
- Chronograph/Automatic
- Sapphire Crystal
- Diameter around 41mm, Height 12-14mm
- All-around durability, can be worn everyday
- Not too heavy and bulky

He is a Mechanical Engineer and loves cars. So far I've seen one watch called a Brosway Mustang that looks like a design he would like. Something his friends would say, WHOA, that watch is SICK. Help??

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I like Accutron VX-200. Swiss made automatic ( and also chrono) , sapphire crystal, Might be a bit bigger than you want.
I just bought Zodiac Speed control Titanium for 150. Titanium case and bracelet and sapphire, but it is a swiss chrono quartz (ronda) haven't gotten it yet.
If you do not want heavy, bulky watch you might have to go with quartz and titanium.
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