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As a weekend adventurer, I barely have time to write a review about adventure or outdoor gear, because I spend the whole weekend exploring while during the weekdays the boss keeps rushing me where’s the sales and customers repeatedly email me want a refund, yeah hard work. Until now, this Spovan sport watch really catches my eyes. Yes it deserves a close look and it’s also a chance to organize my adventure photos. But as you know I’m not an expert at reviewing, hope you guys can leave a comment or so.

In this review I’m gonna cover six aspects:
Spovan Bravo II outdoor sports watch Tech Review catalog :

1. product information
2. the Spovan company profile
3. overall impression
4. key functions
5. conclusion
6, sharing some photos of my exploring

Here we go:

1. product information

Product Description

Dial diameter: 50mm
Dial thickness: 14.5mm
Band length: 250mm
Strap material: silicone
Case material: stainless steel
Buckle material: stainless steel
Surface material: hard glass
Bottom material: stainless steel
Battery type: CR2032
Waterproof: 30 meters life waterproof
Sensor: Swiss sensor


Altitude / relative height measurement and height correction
Pressure Measurement / pressure recording and correction
Temperature Measurement and Calibration
Weather forecast
24 hours barometric pressure history records
Dual time mode
Chronograph mode, allows recording lap time up to 100 laps, the maximum 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds
Hourly chime function
Time display
2 groups of alarm
3 seconds EL backlight
30 meters life waterproof

2. the Spovan company profile

Spovan is a famous brand of outdoor sports in China founded in 2006, the reputation in China is kind of like xiaomi smartphone worldwide, lol. Of course this is not the key point of my review so I just let it pass. For more info you can check: Company profile-Shenzhen Spovan Technology Limited

Yeah BTW, I bought from amazon shop:

3. overall impression

The package is well packed as you can see it filled with so many other things I guess this costs me lots of transportation fees?

1 x Mountaineering wristwatch
1 x English and Chinese user manual
1 x Silicone strap

The design
This Spovan Bravo II has a really sharp, professional and gorgeous appearance in contrast to a wide variety of sport watches that have a cheap appearance with plastic wristbands and digital faces. Here are some pictures

4. key functions
Yeah I only introduce some key functions as like stopwatch, countdown, alarm seems every sport watch has. But as a test I compared the chronograph with my phone, hmm, almost the same.
First of all let’s take a look at the face and button of the watch:

A key:back light: to turn on the EL back light for 3seconds.
B key:setting mode:To select among the current time, daily alarm,
stop watch, time, pacer, and dual time mode. Press and hold B key to
switch to the setting mode.
C key: barometer/decrease: press C key to enter barometer mode.
D key: compass: press D key to enter compass mode.
E key: altimeter/increase:press E key to enter altimeter mode.

Major Function Modes are:

I will introduce these features
Dual time
Altimeter mode and calibration
Barometer mode display
Weather forecast and temperature


First of all you have to set the beeping rate
To select the setting display, long press B button in the pacer mode. When the beeping rate digits start to flash, press the E or C button to increase/decrease the number. When the setting is completed, press and hold the B button to exit the setting display. When you want to activate it just hit E button and it starts counting at the same time will beep. Quite easy to operate, the only thing I don’t like is the sound, it sounds like made by a cheap digital watch, lol


The watch includes a function to show the time for a second time zone- Dual Time Mode. Yeah It’s not like some fancy watches with more than 20 zones time, but this is enough for me to use.

Altimeter mode and calibration

In time mode you just press E button (ALTI+) then you will go altimeter-temperature mode. As the original meter says -143, this is not right so I go to google (Google Maps Find Altitude) found the right altitude 51.831 m / 170.050 feet. There are two reasons why need to adjust the sea level pressure 1 as altitude is calculated by the difference between current and sea level pressure, so the sea level pressure changing or using the watch in a place which has a different sea level pressure will effect the altitude reading. 2 to achieve a more accurate reading, sea level pressure need to be updated from place to place and from time to time.
There are 4 kinds of adjustment method:
Zero Altitude: Adjust altitude mandatory to zero for relative altitude measurement, then a indicator “ ” will be appeared on the display.
Absolute Altitude: Set altitude to a known value and it can recall for next setting.
Sea level pressure: Input a specific sea level pressure which is got from an official source.
Factory Default: Restore the watch to default factory setting where assume Sea Level Pressure is 1013.2mb.

Barometer mode dispaly

The watch includes three barometer functional displays:
Temperature, Sea Level Pressure and History Display.

Weather forecast and temperature
Weather forecast is measured by barometer, thus calibration becomes very important. Before calibrate the barometer, you must have the absolute pressure of your current position, because that pressure value will be inputted into the watch during the adjustment. Consult the nearest observatory station to get the ambient barometric pressure of your current position. To adjust is very easy though.
To test the weather forecast I happened take this picture, seems very accurate:

The temperature units can be changed Celsius(℃) to Fahrenheit(℉), pressure mb/hPa to inHg, vice versa
Be noticed: If you want to have an accurate reading of air temperature, you must remove the watch from the wrist (for 20 to 30 minutes) that allows no body temperature effect on your watch.


Compass is very important when exploring the nature, especially when you lost in the unknown place. Keep your watch away from magnets or the appliances which may contain magnetic objects such as mobile phones, speakers, motors and etc
But if it’s the first time you use it you have to adjust it, actually in these conditions you have to adjust
1 The watch is using for the first time
2 The battery has been replaced
3 The bearing direction digits are flashing, and the “OFF
CAL” indicator appear
4 The compass use in a location that is apart from the
place in which the compass had been calibrated
5 The user intends to regulate the precision of the digital

There are two ways to adjust the the compass, I will introduce the Rotation Calibration method
Press and hold the B button, into the Rotation Calibration
Display. Press the B button to switch between the rotation calibration and
magnetic declination. Press the E button to start rotation calibration in rotation
calibration stop display, the pointers will start rotating, turning the
watch (keep parallel to the horizon) in the same direction of the
rotating pointers). After the pointers rotate 2 turns, it will back to the compass mode.
As you can see


I’m very satisfied with this spovan bravo II with regarding to it’s functions designs and materials. But one thing I have to point out is that this screen is a bit dark, even in light mode doesn’t look very bright. But overall, it’s really a good sport watch

Sharing some pictures I usually explore, hope you guys like it


Yeah sorry forgot to say where did I buy this watch, I bought from amazon now the price is cheaper, 114.98$ + Freeshipping
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