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Dear audience,
first apologies if posting in wrong forum - I have made reasonable attempts to post this correctly and without duplicates. I have read hundreds of posts, images, and now I feel informed enough to dare put forward a request for knowledable advice.


I have done something right, and have decided to spend - first time ever - on me, myself and I. I am travelling the world, and have decided to go for a watch that signals the following: Professional achievement but no bling. Recognizable only for those who understand watches. Functional first.

Requirements on watch

It must 'fit' to a VP position in a larger global position.
Yet, it must NOT alienate all our hard working people, whom we ask to consider costs.
It should last a long time.
Culturally, it must work in Scandinavia (everyone is equal), Eastern Europe, but also Myanmar, China, India, Thailand.
Climate wise, it must thus work with a normal operating temperature from about minus 10 C (winter in Scandinavia, worn under outdoor clothing and gloves, possibly some sweat) to warm and humid conditions.
I have a quite narrow wrist and Scandinavian light colors - looks must work with that and light colored shirts.

Analysis so far
A GMT watch is a must.
No batteries to change.
Like: Grand Seiko SBGE001 or Sinn U2

And here comes the questions

Is the Sinn U2 all right given my requirements?
Sinn seems to research alternatives to ETA movements. Possibly conflicting with my requirement for 'last long time'?
Does the Spring Drives handle the colder climate well enough? I like the GS partly because of its accuracy, and as I understand it from reading the manual, I feel concerned enough to ask for real life experiences.

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Scandinavia.....Geography and cultural connections, Denmark, Norway, Sweden...Your comment (everyone is equal)
makes no sense...:-s These countries are Kingdoms, that fact alone negates "everyone is equal".
Appoloies for being unclear - I'll try to clarify:
The power distances and dress-code differences are considerd relativey small, i.e., if you divert much from a 'cultual norm' where you should not stand out too much, you fail to comply to local culture. That is, a 'blingy' watch would cause your peers to react negatively.

In other cultures, a lack of 'showing off' slighly causes mistrust: Is this person really to be counted as influential?
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