“If you have drilled lugs on your watch these will prevent you from loosing your watch when used in conjunction with a pass-thru strap”

22mm Shoulderless springbars, 1.8mm diameter .09mm tip end (10) all new. $11
** These will fit most 22mm lug width watches on the market with drilled lugs

20mm 2.5mm diameter, Shoulderless springbars (4) 1.2mm tip end

Fits: Seiko SPR series like the 20mm mini turtle, other watches SCURFA using a larger 1.2mm tip end hole, etc.

**NOTE: Check your watch : if a legal paper clip will go through the lug hole they are 1.2mm holes.

General Note :
Those that use the typical traditional furnished flanged spring bars
even watch wearers with drilled lugs often wonder if they will hold their watch securely. With shoulderless type the tip ends fit all the way into the lug holes.”
Unlike traditional flanged springbars that use an extremely small amount of the tip end to hold your watch
on your wrist.


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Buyers: “FIRST, check your sellers feedback on watchdeals before you buy, always try to buy from WUS known and trusted sellers”