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I’m a bit smitten with my latest acquisition and wanted to share some thoughts to help others with their conscience…

I wanted to scratch the homage itch with something Swiss so my choice was Steinhart ocean (39), Davosa ternos and Squale 1545 series.

When a 30 atmos came up on eBay I just had to have it.

I’ve owned CW tridents galore, as well as steinhart and longines HC, so can objectively compare the Squale with these:

I can tell the naysayers now that CW trident pro mk2 and especially mk3 are vastly superior in quality, but ultimately they don’t scratch the itch for me. Others will feel differently.

Steinhart and longines are about the on par with the Squale, finishing on the longines is a bit better, steinhart is very similar.

So ultimately you have to love the look, You have to appreciate the Squale backstory, make peace with the fact that at this price we are talking marginal Swiss manufacture and you’re case and bracelet is almost certainly from Asia, of which you could buy a homage at less than half the price and finishing will be similar.

Now given all of the above, why am I so happy? The case shape, it’s like a 16610 on steroids, the finishing may be meh but this thing is gorgeous, real eye candy! The cyclops is 2.5x magnification, once you’ve experienced it, you can never go back…
Squale branding and logo, for some it’s cartoonish and a real turn off. For me it differentiates this from a Rolex, no WIS would casually glance at it and think it was a Rolex, many will make this assumption from a distance and I for one am totally okay with it. The vast vast majority of people who even acknowledge you are wearing a watch will be totally nonchalant, I expect zero people to ask if it’s a Rolex.

To sum it up, it’s a guilty pleasure, it’s like finding some restaurant that serves up a delicious greasy cheeseburger or a high budget action film with questionable story line, you try to pretend your taste is more elevated but really you just bloody love it.

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I picked up a Squale in green from Gnomon watches a month or two back, have loved it. for the money I thought it was a great buy and has gotten several compliments on the dark green color.
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