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Squeaky Raketa

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Hey all,

I've recently started buying watches that I like, and I purchased a 24 hour Raketa watch off of eBay. After some research, I'm sure that it's not genuine (the bridge on the movement says 2628.h, which as I understand it is a 12hr movement which can be modified to be a 24h movement).

I really don't care that it's not real, I just really like the look of it.

Recently, when I set the time or wind up the clock, the crown squeaks when turning it. I really think all it needs is a little bit of lubrication, but I'm not sure where to do that. I don't have any sort of experience fixing watches, but I'm ready to try (and buy equipment), if anyone is willing to help.

Below is video (and audio ;-)) of the watch squeaking when I turn the crown. Also, as an aside, it seems that the outer dial of cities isn't completely set down, when I turn the watch upside down I can hear it rattling around. Not sure if that is suppose to happen or that is fixable. When it settles down I am able to turn the dial properly.

Outer dial jiggle @ 0:05
Squeaky crown @ 0:30
Squeaky crown again @ 0:43

You may have to turn up the volume :)



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Thanks tylehman, I'll take a look at these videos. I did find some Ratfaced Git videos on YouTube for the 2628.h

Again, not sure if the one I have is actually a 2628.h, but it's worth watching. Do you have any recommendations for what sort of lubrication I should buy for the parts inside? Amazon would be preferable because I have a Prime account.
So I finally had the time to open up this watch and try to resolve the problem, and it worked! Taking the hands off and putting them back on was the hardest part, but I dropped a drop of oil in the spot I highlighted on the picture and wound it up a couple times, and ever since then there has been no squeaking.

As far as the outer ring that rattles and makes noise, I don't see a way around that because the face is (in mine at least) held down with some sort of adhesive (that I had to pry off, hinting more at a fake watch), and there's too much of a gap between the face and the teeth on the ring that make it turn. You'd have to get a very thin but strong piece of metal to put between the two that was the perfect length for it to hold the outer ring down.

Watch Watch accessory Analog watch Strap Metal

Thanks all :)
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