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Well I can say now without the shadow of a doubt that I now prefer Toronto women to Montreal wimmen... Why, well Toronto women are way more Urban and I love that style way more - Montreal woman have - well hair color and way too tin eyebrows - I have to say that after living in Toronto for 8 years now that Toronto has evolved in the past 8 years while Montreal seemed to have stagnated. Yea - Montreal wimmen have style but not the style I am attracted - gimme a Toronto babe any day over a Montreal one, the choice is so easy, well for me it is. A little like a California babe versus a New York babe... I'll take New York any day over a California one (I know let the vilification begin!)

Anywho the pics below are a large sample of last Wednesday in Montreal. I just went for a walk around town. More to come tomorrow.


Started in Old Montreal - Marche Bonsecours

First impression of photo taking acceptance - welcoming but misleading as people are not as receptive in Montreal as they are in Toronto a common refrain was "Maudit gros Con!" my answer was always "Ik spreek niet zo goed, Ik begrijp het... Spreek je Engels?" He he he Yea I get away with it, to this day.

A French Canadian Institution

Grand Prix Fever - Checkered Flags

City Hall

A common sight in Montreal and way cheaper than in Quebec City for a great romantic ride if you are with the one you love.

Break Free!

Montreal has so many Churches it is crazy but then again it was a very strong bastion of the Catholic Church until "La Revolution Tranquile" when the majority of Quebecers stopped following the edicts of the Roman Catholic Church "religiously" ...

The sidewalks are always filled on St-Catherines starting at noon and are crazy busy on weekends F1 or no F1 ... That's the thing - people think there are more beautiful wimmen in Montreal when actually there are way more in Toronto - I can quickly think of 5 places where one can see a slew of babes in Montreal:

1- Crescent
2- St-Denis
3- St-Laurent
4- Old Montreal
5- St. Catherines

And I can think of 15 places on top of my head in

1- Queen Street West
2- Greek Town (The Danforth)
3- Yorkville
4- Bloor (Between Yonge and St. George)
5- College
6- Dundas and Yonge (Dundas Square)
7- St. Lawrence Market
8- Kensington Market (China Town as well while you're there!)
9- Downtown Core (Financial District on a weekday...)
10- Little India
11- Little Portugal
12- Yonge and Eglinton (Known as "Young and Eligible")
13- The Beaches
14- Harbour Front
15- Club Land (John and Richmond)

As such Toronto is pure not made from Concentrate like Montreal :) He he he and I probably forgot a few places in both cities...

Place des Arts at lunch time...

Preparing for the Jazz Fest

Not a happy camper, "Ik spreek niet zo goed, Ik begrijp het... Spreek je Engels?" :-D :)

I love her style - yes the one in the middle :)

Another reason to go to Montreal - Schwartz but no longer - it ain't as good as it used to be...

The view from above - on top of the Mount Royal

The Bikini Fashion Shoot will follow within the next couple of days ...

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Great shots as always, Dude. I think you are becoming a perv. I like that in a photographer. :)

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Awesome picture serie, as usual..

Love your work, please keep posting these wonderful pictures..:-!

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looks awesome thanks for sharing :-! it looks like there a lot french canadians in this town it seems.
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