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Funny how things turned out in Montreal - when you are behind the lens you see things differently and I didn't really have time to look at the pictures while I was there. Anywho is here last Thursday's sample and a Bikini Fashion Shoot Preview.

P.S.: Yea, there is a theme and the theme is "Babes in Motion" but hey... Between taking the picture of a babe or a guy - well, the choice is easy for me.


Free Beer! With a smile :)

That was the Budweiser Girls... I have sin on my mind but will remedy that soon!



Remedy? Nah - this one is not big enough...

Yea... well... Fitting!?

Still have sin on my mind but that's okay cause...

I am at a Holy Place! He he he

St-Joseph Oratory, buitl by Frere Andre - who was made a Saint ... I think

124 meters in height and it is the highest point in Montreal, at 263 meters above sea level, aside from the television broadcasting antenna...

I went to highschool there.

The other good smoke meat place in Montreal

Well - rain ruinned the rest of the shooting day ...

I didn't know Montreal still used those...

Now tomorrow's Preview below... :)

See you tomorrow!


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Those are some ugly women, Dude. Have them bathed, bound, and brought to me. Just my way of helping Montreal. ;-). Another great shoot. Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Bob
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