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Hi ladies,

this movement was originally designed by Durowe (Laco) and itroduced in 1950.
It was available in the following variants:
420, 421: 10.5''', manual wind, sub second
422: 10.5''', manual wind, sweep second
520: 11.5''', manual wind, sub second
522: 11.5''', sweep second
552: 11.5''', automatic, sweep second

The Enicar 410 (sub second) and 412 (sweep second) are too similar to Durowe 420/422
to believe in an accident; even the holes for tool alignments are the same:

It is pretty strange that a German factory supplied a Swiss company with ebauches, but
remember: just two versions were finished by Enicar, and Enicar was an order of magnitude
smaller than Durowe - simply by far not able to supply the Durowe demand.

Another reason to believe that it is from Durowe: The U.S. Time Corporation (Timex) bought
Laco-Durowe in 1959 to get access to the knowhow for electrical watches. Already in 1965
the movement division Durowe was sold to the Swiss Ebauche SA, and forth only mechanical
movements were continued under the brand Standard. The ST 90/91 therefore are just
cheaper successors of the Durowe 422 and 522 (10.5''' and 11.5''' respectively)

Regards, Roland Ranfft
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