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So I'm trying to figure out which movement is supposed to be in the Start watches. From what I've gathered on what little info I've been able to put together, Starts are supposed to have 17 jewel 2603 movements from 2nd. However, in looking around for a specimen to buy (outside of the very clear frankens with new dials, one of which I own admittedly), I am yet to come across one that has a 2603 from 2nd in it. More often than anything, they have a 17 jewel 2602(?) from 2nd. I am still quite new to this, and tend to be drawn to the watches of the late 50s like the Starts, Kamas, Sputniks, etc., that have 17 jewel movements. So, should all Starts have a 2603, or did they also come with the non-shock resistant 17 jewel movements?

This is the dial style that I'm generally interested in, along with the typical movement I find:
Start face.jpg Start move.jpg

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2602 and 2603 are improper terms, as that coding system was not in use yet by the time of manufacture: the correct denomination is ЧН-11М, non-shockproof.
Here are the specifications as described on the 1960 Vinogradov catalog:

Часы наручные мужские «Старт» изготовляют по ГОСТ 6519—58 с часовой, минутной и секундной стрелками.
Часовой механизм ЧН-11М диаметром 26 мм на 17 рубиновых камнях.
Продолжительность хода от одной полной заводки пружины не менее 34 ч.
Средний суточ ный ход ± 45 сек.
Часы выпускают в следующих оформлениях:
88ЧН/1, 88ЧН/2, 98ЧН;
99ЧН, 99ЧН/1, 99ЧН/2, 99ЧН/3, 99ЧН/4 и 125ЧН.

Men's wrist watches “Start” are manufactured according to GOST 6519–58 with hour, minute and second hands.
Clockwork CHN-11M with a diameter of 26 mm by 17 ruby stones.
Running time from one full winding of the spring for at least 34 hours.
Average daily stroke ± 45 sec.
Watches are produced in the following designs:
88CHN/1, 88CHN/2, 98CHN;
99CHN, 99CHN/1, 99CHN/2, 99CHN/3, 99CHN/4 and 125CHN.

Model shown is 88CHN/1 (larger case), and its movement is correct.
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