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Stauer Gold Fused Verite Watch

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Does any one have any experience with the Stauer Gold Fused Verite Watch?

Pics attached if you are too lazy to click.

I know Stauer have had a bad wrap - but I like the clean look of this watch.

The only thing I can find similar is the $20,000 BWaF TB02 which is admittedly more stunning but also much more costly.

I am open to suggestion if you think I'm going down the wrong path.


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This one looks nice.
Agreed. I just want to know what the nature of the movement is and whether it will fall apart the first time I wear it.
I have a few Stauers. I don't have your particular model, but I do know that it has a chinese made movement (not that there is anything wrong with that.) As long as you don't buy into their phony hype about Swiss heritage, you will be fine. You are getting an inexpensive watch at a fair price. Mine have held up just fine. I guess I did have a hand come loose on a Graves 33, but it was replaced under warranty.
I think the whole bridge thing is pretty cool but it makes the watch look really empty. All that empty space!

A full skeleton with the numerals printed on the crystal, would look much better IMHO.
I believe Android also makes a watch like this if you'd rather that instead of Stauer.
Thanks for the feedback.

Addictedtowatches can you link me to the watch you are talking about? I had a quick look and I can't see any "dressier" style watches on their site.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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