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Very cool! I'm relatively new to Oris watches and I had never seen one of these. Thanks for sharing!

Yes. ;)

Wrist shots always exaggerate the size of a watch because they're usually taken with a wide angle lens. But the Aquis case wears so well because of the broad, short, curved lugs, the curved/bowl shaped case edge, and the curved/recessed back. So even though the diameter spec is 46mm it wears more inline with 44/45mm. Not small, but not insane even on my 7" wrist. The lugs are well contained within the edges. And because it's all gray/silver it doesn't jump out like a black dial/bezel would.

What is inescapable is the thickness at just south of 19mm. It really comes off the wrist. In the context of a dive environment, around a wet/dry suit, alongside other instruments, neither of these dimensions are unruly. But as a desk diver you are full aware of it. BTW, this is about the same thickness as a Planet Ocean Chrono.

All that aside because it is titanium you definitely get used to it, it's comfortable and not inordinately heavy (actually surprisingly let when you first grab it, you're expecting way more heft.) By way of comparison, the Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Steel/Black weigh in at 160g with the rubber strap and deployant (I make this reference only because I happen to know the weight off hand.) Despite the Titan being a) larger, b) thicker, c) equipped with a metal bracelet, and d) has a Valjoux 7750 Chrono under the hood rather than a simple three-hander it's still only 20g heavier. I have never tried the steel version of the Titan Chrono but expect that it would be unwearable for me because of the added weight (whatever that is - look how much more the bracelet alone weighs.)

So yes it's big, it wears big (but not as big as specs would suggest) and you get used to it. It's the thickness that is toughest to come to grips with. I'd love for it to be 2-3mm thinner. I think that probably could have been achieved while preserving the 500m WR. I wouldn't change the diameter, though, not even a hair. That extra real estate allows for an exceptionally readable and well laid out dial.
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