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Steelfish Conundrum

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I'm hoping someone can help me solve this little problem I have with a Breitling Steelfish I recently bought on the Bay. The watch was advertised as having a blue dial, but when I opened the watch box, I couldn't believe my eyes. The watch had a grey dial. I thought I had made a mistake and had bought a watch different from the one I thought I was buying, and the grey dial didn't look bad, so figuring it was my mistake, I let it slide for a couple of days.

Then I decided to go back and re-read the description of the watch. I hadn't made a mistake. It said "blue dial." I sent a message to eBay to mediate the issue. I really wanted that blue dial. The seller sent me a message today: "Breitling didn't even make that model with a grey dial." I checked it out and it seems to be true, but the dial on my watch is unmistakably grey. Look at the pics and tell me I'm wrong.

Now the funny thing about this is that the chapter ring is blue but the dial grey. The seller said the watch had recently been serviced and polished. Could it be that the original blue was changed out for a grey one? I know. Breitling didn't even make a grey dial for this model. So what's going on? I want my money back, and he can have his watch back. This Steelfish does not have a blue dial.

Can anyone give me any feedback on this? Am I seeing grey where I should be seeing blue? Can you see the chapter ring in the pics? Maybe it's just me.

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I used to have this watch. I traded it for a SuperAvenger with my brother. But I can tell you that something is awry with your watch. Breitling only made a blue, a black, and a white dial on their SuperOceans at that time period. Even on SuperAvengers during that period ( 2005-2006 ?). So I would open a eBay resolution case to return the watch. But first contact the seller to ask for a refund.

Also, for watches I wouldn't spend the time and effort on eBay. Try watch recon which is more effective at searching for the model watch in different watch forums. These are at least by people whose reputation means more on the forum than trying to fill in a description and mixing up details to sell you a questionable watch. This is what I have done selling my lesser expensive watches to clean out my watch box.

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