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I didn't realise that there's a stolen watch report here so I will relay my account which can also be seen in the Rolex Forums:

Full thread can be seen here:

I'm feeling a bit shaky at the moment. My house was burgled whilst I was several hundred miles away yesterday. Out of all days it was Chinese New Year. It is morning now and I am on my way back. My neighbour heard loud rummaging and called the Police. My relative went straight to my house an hour after we got the call. I am worried about my personal belongings but for the purposes of this thread I will talk only about my watches.

I have several watches but mostly inexpensive ones however I had one Rolex and a Tudor. My beloved Air King has gone as well as my Tudor Black Bay 58. Luckily I have my Bluesy and Explorer 1 with me. My Air King and Bluesy are insured to their full value (£4750 and £10350 respectively) but from what I know all the boxes and warranty cards back at home were taken. I don't know much else until I get back. The Tudor is not insured as I didn't get around to doing it. That was completely my fault and I paid for it. Please don't make me feel crapper than I feel. I can't do anything because my Insurers won't open till Monday. Does anyone have any experience in getting a replacement for the warranty cards? All of the above watches were purchased at my local AD. I think I can get my insurers to cover the Air King but my Warranty cards have all be taken because they were in their boxes. I feel like absolute crap. My serial Number for my Air King is 107P91P6. I will report it as stolen.

Location - UK, Surrey
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