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I received this watch yesterday. I wasn't able to find many reviews of it online when I was weighing up which Flieger to buy, so I thought this might help anyone in a similar position. Apologies at the outset for the quality of the photos, which were taken with my phone using the desk lamp for lighting. Autumn is here with a vengeance in the wilds of West Yorkshire and there isn't a lot of natural light. Reflections and shadows on the crystal mean that the flawless dial and back are not shown to their best advantage.

Stowa's customer service is legendary. This is my first Stowa and my experience was the same as everyone else's. I didn't have any particular requirements and simply ordered the watch from the website. You have to specify the FL 28883 engraving as an additional item, which I did. The website said that there was a 4 - 6 week lead time for this model, which was fine. I received an e mail the next day asking for my wrist size. The following day I got a despatch note from Fedex, so much quicker than I had expected.

A note on delivery. I'm in the UK and post-Brexit a vendor in Germany charges you the VAT-exclusive sum, and you pay the UK government the UK VAT on import. There is no additional duty but the courier will charge a smallish sum. I think, but don't know for sure, that you can get caught out on used/vintage watches, which don't always attract VAT in Germany but which do attract VAT when you import them to the UK.

Stowa sent the watch on Thursday of last week, to arrive by midday on Monday. They could easily have saved a bit of money by using a cheaper courier than Fedex or by paying for a slower delivery. A customer who has bought a watch with a 4 week lead time probably isn't going to mind it turning up later in the day, or even a few days later, so I was impressed. Packaging is excellent. You can tell they do most of their business by mail order.

Watch Brown Analog watch Amber Watch accessory

You can see from this image that the 5, 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55 are a slightly different colour to the other numbers. They are not lumed. This is the only thing I would want to change about the watch. I would have preferred all the numbers to be lumed, but I tend not to rely on wrist watches in the dark and this isn't a big deal for me.

The hour and minute hands are blued. The printing is crisp and precise. The Baumuster B design is one of the clearest designs for a three-hander ever. It took me a very short time to adjust to the short minute hand and the long hour hand, but that's probably me being slow.

The hand-wind movement is nicely decorated, with a stainless steel back which keeps the bronze more or less away from your skin. There is a bit of contact from the lugs, so if you have extremely sensitive skin, you need to take that into account.

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Clock Grass

Winding is a pleasure.

The bronze case is completely smooth to the touch. The patina gives it a slightly uneven appearance. The engravings are crisp and deep, as are the lines on the crown. There's a bit of dust on the case in these photos.

Watch Watch accessory Gadget Eyewear Jewellery

Amber Wood Everyday carry Material property Rectangle

The watch is about as big as I can get away with on my 170 mm wrist. Perhaps it's too big, but I don't really mind. It wears slightly better than it looks here, but I keep my straps a bit loose (helps with skin sensitivity) and I had to twist around a bit to get the watch under the light but not reflecting it straight back into the camera on the phone. he case is 9.2mm high, so it fits very easily under a shirt cuff, and helps to offset the size.

Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Wood

This watch comes on Stowa's high quality hand stitched strap with a bronze buckle. The strap is first class and if you're thinking about one of the Stowa Fliegers which come with the standard strap, then you really should think about getting this one instead. I'm sure they'll fit a steel buckle if you ask.

Brown Door Wood Rectangle Household hardware

The Baumuster B design is obviously far less versatile than the Baumuster A, so for me it seemed a good fit for a bronze case, which is also (in my view) not as versatile as steel. I'm not bothered by the lack of historical accuracy. The bronze has a wonderful vintage feel to it, matched by the colour of the printing on the dial. I normally dislike "fauxtina", but it works here where the printing matches the colour of the case. There's 5 ATM of water resistance, which is more than enough for me. As long as there's enough resistance not to have to worry about hand washing or rain, I'm happy.

In summary, I think this is definitely a keeper for me. I'm delighted with it and, as most readers of this site already know, the quality is far in excess of what you'd normally expect at the price.


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Congrats on that fine timepiece!
There is one sentence I don't understand:
'It took me a very short time to adjust to the short minute hand and the long hour hand, but that's probably me being slow. '
The short hand is the hour hand and the long one is the minute hand,

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