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Hello Guys,

Before getting to Saturday night cocktails I thought I'd share my humble feedback and opinion on the new Stowa flieger small second.

Before we get to it here's the short story, I was hunting for a pilot watch to add to my collection, after some time of patience and research my luck popped and I pulled the trigger without hesitation on that Stowa flieger limited edition for Indonesia ( will get back to this later) .
Knowing that Indonesia is my second country this even made my reaction quicker to acquire the Flieger in a heart beat!!

Some pics first

To the point I'd say Stowa is designing and producing amazing pieces!
The materials and the finishing is top notch, nothing to add to this.
The case, dial, hands, crystals , leather strap, buckle it's all premium, you really feel quality when you hold that watch.
On photos it's hard to say, mostly pictures don't do justice to watches.

On the wrist it's very very very comfortable, it's light, it fits perfectly my 7.2 wrist even with its 41 mm w/o Crown.
Pilot are usually bigger but don't get me wrong that 41 sizes larger than 41 no doubt ( see next to my pelagos)

The thickness is just perfect, I'd say 11 mm approx ( don't quote me on that one)
I also love the onion Crown without logo, nicely sized.

About the mechanic now :
It's a mechanical movement, the power reserve is quite decent with 48 hours plus, easy and smooth to wind up to full.
The case back is stunning, I love this wide crystal exposing the movement. Beautiful

The dial is extremely easy to read, it's straight forward without blah blah blah. No logo no nothing yeah!!
The lume is bright and strong , charges rapidly, and last long! What else would you ask for?!
The hands blue reflections with the light is simply gorgeous, I wrote reflections cause the hands color tend to be dark but with light it turns to various bluish. The small second hand is sand color.

The Indonesian limited edition at 38 pcz is just having different engraving on the back case, yet there's a solid case with the Wayan symbol engraved.
I tried both but got back to the crystal one he he.

This kind of watch shall be very friendly to different straps due to the neutral color, that's just a plus. Lug to Lug is 22 mm

Overall it's a great watch with a vintage look but built with modern materials and process, defining it as sublime shouldn't be exaggerated, yet the price tag is extremely fair

Voilà, hope you enjoyed this short feedback on the Stowa flieger. Didn't talked about accuracy as that's not my main concern, am sure it ticks pretty precise tho, easy to say if you r looking at the movement finishing quality .

Time to cocktails now

All the best.

Bonus is the Stowa among her brothers & sisters
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Great looking watch! Very unique. Thanks for sharing your pics and opinion.
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