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Hi all,

Does anyone have the manual wind version of the Stowa Flieger Chronograph (modified Valjoux 7753)? I am curious 1) how thick is it? 2) how does the wind feel? Regarding question #1, the thickness quoted on the Stowa page is for the auto wind, I think. I am figuring the manual wind saves about 1 mm? Regarding question 2, my VAS Valjoux 7753 you can barely tell you are winding it. Very little resistance and there is a clutch that prevents you from feeling when it is fully wound. Does the modified movement for hand winding change the feel of the wind?

No way I can try one on before I buy, so I am a little nervous. The Stowa would replace my Archimede 42mm HW, which is about 9 mm thick. I like the thinness of it and am willing to sacrifice a little. Wish I could keep both but the wife would note the similarity in look (to her) between the two watches and give me a hard time about it. Just for the heck of it I paste a photo of the Archimede below... I am truly happy with the watch, but want a chrono and a Stowa.


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