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Stowa Prodiver & Stowa Seatime Pictures-Post Them Here!

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Its hard to find pictures unless you do a wide search for Stowa Prodiver & Stowa Seatime Dive watches. This would be a good thread within the Stowa Forum to Post Your Prodiver & Seatime wrist shots or table shots and maybe size of your wrist. It would be good to see the wide variety of colors of dials & bezels. :-!
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Mike these are some really great pictures of The Prodiver & Seatime! the Vareity of colors is Amazing! Can't wait to see what others post here!
Sryt31 I love the Seatime! I haven't seen a bezel like the Green Chronometer you have.

NikAlex - this is my favorite color so far with the Stowa Prodiver Limette! I cant wait to get mine with Stowa's new Black/Silver bezel.
Beautiful Stowa Prodiver & straps Rich!!
Spoonsey that is a beautiful light blue Stowa Prodiver!! I really like the darker black and blue bezels also . I see you change from the Stowa metal strap to a rubber Isoframe strap?
Is it hard to make strap changes with the Prodiver?
Cheers mate. The darker bezel is the blue Seatime bezel - it looks darker depending on lighting conditions.

I find it very difficult to change the straps so I've been sticking with the SS bracelet lately. Might change back to Isofrane for summer...maybe.:think:
Any hints tips, videos on how to change the straps on the Prodiver :-s
Thank you mike the YouTube video was most helpful! Now I'm ready for my Stowa Prodiver and confident I can change my own strap.
inlanding- Great looking Lume Shots!!

schticy - Love to have Triplets like those. Never need to buy another diver with all the bezel change options.

View attachment 1235004 View attachment 1235005

Very happy with my new Prodiver with Nickel hands. I was able to get one in less than a week thanks to the exhibition watch offer on Stowa's website. I assume this dial and hands combination is pretty uncommon as most of the other Prodivers out there have either the black hands or orange and black hands. It was a big mistake to sell my last Prodiver because the dial was rare and it was one of the prettiest watches I have ever owned.

My new Prodiver will be a perfect watch for everyday use as it looks good with any straps. And the black dial is more versatile than the white one. Plus this watch has the optimum size. I am trying to wear my Marathon JSAR daily but that watch is just too big and heavy for daily use. I appreciate that the Prodiver is much more suitable for a daily-wearer. Right now I am sticking with the original bezel and rubber strap. For sure it will be fun to transform this watch with other bezel colors and straps.
Looks fantastic ! I didn't see this one on Stowa's website. Love to see it on the steel bracelet also if you have it.
Thanks! I think the nickle hands are rarely offered by Stowa. Most of the other Prodivers I have seen are with orange or black hands. It was listed as an exhibition watch under their accessory tab. Not sure how long the watch was listed there but it took me an entire week to finally hit the "add to the cart" button. I read that you have a limette Prodiver incoming. Did you get it with black hands or orange hands? Originally I had the lime on order a year ago but I got the used white dial Prodiver on WUS so I cancelled it. The limette color is probably my favorite colors for the Prodiver. I know Mr. Schauer wears one himself!

I don't currently have the steel bracelet for this watch. The old white dial Prodiver however did come with that and here is a picture for you.

View attachment 1238410

And I have swapped the original Stowa rubber strap with one of the Maratac Elite I own. It is a 24mm and I have notched the width to fit the Prodiver. I think this is more comfortable than any type of rubber straps out there.

View attachment 1238412
yes i ordered the Limette Prodiver with orange hands and new Black/Silver bezel. It's coming with theSteel bracelet and not sure I will ever take it off the steel.
Very nice watches Brad & Chris!
Prodiver :) love this watch

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just shows Prodiver even wears beautiful with a suit!
Just received my Prodiver limette this week, worth the wait for sure. The new black/silver bezel is nice but i wish it had lume at the 60 minute mark.

Congrats!Great looking Stowa Limette!!! I ordered mine the same way with the Black/Silver Bezel only difference I have Orange Minute & second hands. To bad no Lume on the 60 Minute mark!
Just received my Prodiver limette this week, worth the wait for sure. The new black/silver bezel is nice but i wish it had lume at the 60 minute mark.

How are you liking your new Limette Stowa's Prodiver ? Any compliments on your watch from non divers?
Thank you for my request I cant get enough pictures of this Limette Prodiver...Amazing!!
Well After starting this thread 4 months ago I finally received the Stowa Prodiver Limette I had been waiting for! Stowa was having some problems with delivery times and I just happened to find the exact Prodiver in the Lime color with the orange hands I have always wanted thanks to a local WUS member it arrived with the SS bracelet & the rubber Stowa diver band. Here are 2 quick pictures with more coming soon you can count on that. I love this watch! :-!

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STowa Prodiver Limette with lime black NATO. very comfortable strap


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I just cut down & sized a Stowa Rubber Strap for my Stowa Prodiver Limette. Waiting for a new Black /Silver Prodiver Bezel to come in next.

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I love the color.
Agreed Stowa makes some of the best looking Dial Colors that no one else will produce! Here is my Stowa Prodiver on Mesh
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Were else but Stowa can you find a color like Lime on a watch dial.:-!

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