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Stowa Prodiver & Stowa Seatime Pictures-Post Them Here!

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Its hard to find pictures unless you do a wide search for Stowa Prodiver & Stowa Seatime Dive watches. This would be a good thread within the Stowa Forum to Post Your Prodiver & Seatime wrist shots or table shots and maybe size of your wrist. It would be good to see the wide variety of colors of dials & bezels. :-!
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Andreas, your collection is terrific. I'm on the lookout for a white dial prodiver myself to add to my blue dialed one.
Past (and maybe again one day):

Current (and forever a keeper):

All these pics kinda make me want to collect them all! I imagine I'm not the only sick one.
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Awesome, Brad. How'd you come to find the 4th one, if you don't mind me asking?
Stowa Prodiver & Stowa Seatime Pictures-Post Them Here!

How do you like it compared to the S/S?

I think the lines are crisper making it look much better, but I love the weight of the stainless steel package more.
I actually enjoy the lightness of the Ti, which according to my food scale is only 2/3 the weight of the S/S. Otherwise I have a slight preference for the S/S. In particular, the slightly brushed and alternating finishes are a bit more appealing to me than the uniform matte finish of the Ti (which is also a print magnet). And though I suspect tolerances to be near identical, the weight of the S/S bracelet gives the impression of better articulation between the links.

Overall, I am happy to own one of each metal.
1 - 7 of 342 Posts