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I've owned two STPs, two Elabore 2824s, and several 9015s. The STPs are bi-directional and thus don't free spin like the unidirectional 9015. So while you're more likely to hear the 9015 rotor, IMO the rotor noise that the STP does make is considerably more unpleasant. It has kind of a metallic, scraping sound. I never measured my STP watches for accuracy. I did hand wind them because I don't think the STP and Sellita have the same hand winding issue as the ETA itself. The winding action on the STP is definitely stiffer and "clicky" compared to the 9015 or the Seiko 6R21, neither of which click at all. I never had a huge problem differentiating between crown positions on my STP watches, they're certainly nowhere near as bad as say my SKX in that regard. That being said, the crown on my ETA powered Evant thunks between positions with a fair amount of resistance, so you definitely know exactly where it is.

Service intervals are definitely shorter on the STP than the Miyota. I would expect at least 10 years out of the 9015 without touching it, whereas the STP should go in after 7.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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