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I actually found the article to be a fluff piece with remarkably low information density with regards to an actual comparison between the two movements. There is also absolutely no evidence cited to justify the conclusion made in the article that the STP movements are superior to ETA movements, and the claim that the higher failure rate of STP is due to the poorer QC of the watch manufacturers that use such movements.
I agree. First, it barely mentions the higher grade 2824's, and worse, disses ALL 2824 pieces by lumping them into one group. Top grade's adjusted to 5 positions, IIRC, and the daily rate is +/- 4 seconds; that's something rather different from a standard grade. Then there's the serious passive-aggressive condescension.

Don't get me wrong. Seen other articles that say the 1-11 is a good movement. This article's taking the attack dog approach, tho.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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