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I feel like more of a strap collector than a watch collector as of late..These are all new.

1) 22mm Eterna Nato. Came with my new Kontiki. very nice quality. VERY nice machined Eterna buckle $50.00 shipped
2) 20mm Rios Genuine Shark (20x18) Breitling Style $50.00 shipped (I paid $79.00 from panatime)
3) <SOLD> 22mm Black Waffle strap-Silicone. really soft. $10.00
4) 24mm Local Time Iso-Great isofrane style without the smell or attraction to all thats lint! $20.00 (and you don't wait 2 weeks to get)
5) <SOLD> 22mm Olive tropic-Great quality... reasonably soft by comparison to the originals but way nicer than the silicone ebay junk-$15.00 shipped
6) <SOLD> 22mm black Skin diver-Same characteristics as the tropic above $15.00 shipped

1 - 13 of 13 Posts