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I keep buying your straps, so you need to buy mine... that's how it has to works! My wife needs to see me pack stuff up when new stuff arrives!

Paypal please (because I'm just gunna send it back to you anyway)....

ALSO-I would consider trading anything here plus cash as needed for a 22MM Crafer Blue universal strap, 20 or 22mm Black or blue Hirsch Extreme.. maybe another Isofrane...

1)<SOLD> 24MM vintage leather from one of our strap makers here. Included Bund pad. $25.00 shipped
2) 22MM Leather Nato- Great Greenish Gray color.. mounted-Never worn. $22.00 shipped
3) 22MM Nato International Open Ended Pilot. Greesy leather. Slight patina developing from a couple coats of Mink Oil. Worn once. $15.00 shipped
4) 22mm dark blue (not quite navy) tropic reissue. New. $22.00 shipped
5) 22MM Seiko rubber. That really soft one that comes with your Turtle reissue.. the one that get shiny in places after you wear it 3 times?... yeah.. that one. super comfy but worn. $15.00 shipped
6)<SOLD> 20mm ZRC Montana (Pig Skin). REALLY nice strap- suede backing, machined buckle.. just never found the right watch for it. $25.00 shipped. (I know I paid over 50.00 for this)
7) 20mm white tropic style-More like the original TPF feeling than most reissues. Very authentic feel with modern metric fit. mounted a few times but never worn $22.00 shipped
8)<SOLD> 20mm light olive NATO from B&R straps. I have determined that I hate NATOs, but this is prolly one of the nicest ones I've seen. All machined buckle and hardware. really nice weave. soft but not stretchy. $30.00 on Amazon.. new condition. $17.00 shipped
9)18mm two piece bond nato. Don't recall who made it. Nice.. not amazing, but nice. $13.00 shipped.
10)<SOLD> 22MM Zodiac Bracelet. Not 100% what it went to.. Oceanaire? None the less.. really nice quality.. could be used for the buckle and clasp.. $25.00 shipped since I don't remember why I have it :)

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