Items For Trade:

Have several straps that are not getting worn as well as some project watches that have decent bracelets.

(WISHLIST at the end of this post)

Here are the bands and straps to trade:
  • “Previously-loved” Casio 5600 bands.
  • A one-piece aftermarket 5600 translucent orange band/bezel
  • 24mm generic black/blue NATO strap
  • 24mm silicone/rubber blue strap
  • 24mm silicone/rubber red strap
  • 24mm silicone/rubber black with white border and white back
  • 22mm paracord bracelet (nice but doesn’t like to fit on my ABC watch lugs
  • 22mm black silicone/rubber with clasp
  • PENDING 22mm silicone/rubber blue strap – quick release
  • TRADED 22mm silicone/rubber orange strap – quick release
  • TRADED 22mm silicone/rubber red strap – quick release
  • 22mm “Bond” black/gray NATO
  • 22mm single pass Elastic Single Pass Strap Royal (cheapest NATO straps)
  • 22mm Single Pass Strap Frogman blue, green red white (cheapest NATO straps)
  • 20mm green Perlon watch strap (cheapest NATO straps)
  • 20mm metal bracelet, adjustable lug
  • TRADED 20mm silicone/rubber strap black
  • TRADED 20mm silicone/rubber strap quick-release tropical red
  • 20mm silicone/rubber strap quick-release tropical blue
  • 18mm blue/gray NATO
  • TRADED 18mm mesh traded
  • TRADED 18mm black leather embossed
  • TRADED 18mm blue leather embossed
Plus dead/incomplete Wenger 098/alarms
Watch Analog watch Light Clock Watch accessory

Will consider any 20mm & 24mm straps and other parts. But my preferences / wish list are below:


  • Orange or Green Bezel for Casio GShock 5600
  • Caseback or just a scaled scan or tracing of a GW-500A caseback.
  • Actual GShock 5600 watch.
Wishlist 18 mm STAPS & BANDS
  • 18mm ROSE GOLD adjustable MESH or 2-piece for a small wrist (for wife's Vívoactive® 4S, Rose Gold Stainless Steel Bezel with White Case)
Wishlist 20mm STAPS & BANDS
  • Two (2) piece NASA- style 20 mm band "Moonwatch: velco-style
  • Random 2-piece quick release 20mm bands (sail cloth, beads-of-rice, mesh, milanese, etc). Already have some leather and rally straps but would still consider others.
  • 20mm ROSE GOLD adjustable MESH or 2-piece for a small wrist (for wife's Garmin Vivomove HR. Yep, she has two Garmins)
  • I'm partial to VARIO HARRIS TWEED
Wishlist NATO 24mm single-pass / adjustable (C&B, CNS, Etc) straps
  • Mostly to be worn on Casio GS5600 with 24mm strap adapters.
    • a Bond Grey/Black
    • a solid purple (Geaux Tigers!)
    • Etc.

Will Trade For:

Straps, Character watches, 5600/5610