I have the following straps and bracelets for sale. They will be mailed in a bubble envelope without tracking so only members with good feedback please. If you are interested in any of the items and want more/better pictures, let me know.

1) 24mm silicone strap black and yellow. $15

Rectangle Electrical wiring Machine Electronic component Cable

2) Two Casio aviator straps, one is OEM the other is aftermarket which is new $30 for both, it also comes with adapters. The straps are for the Casio GW-3000B line

Automotive tire Machine Tread Auto part Lego

3) Very cool Casio GA2100 mod kit, I bought 2 of these but sold the one with a watch $40

Watch Rectangle Watch accessory Jewellery Electric blue

4) Casio GAS 100 OEM strap in excellent condition $25

Handwriting Rectangle Font Packing materials Plastic wrap

5) Casio GMA S2100 mod kit $45 SOLD!

Body jewelry Automotive lighting Engagement ring Wedding ring Wedding ceremony supply

6) New 20mm jubilee bracelet with hollow end links $25

Grille Hood Automotive lighting Rectangle Automotive design

7) Steinhart jubilee bracelet for the 39mm line up, I only wear my Steinhart on the oyster bracelet. $75 SOLD!

Rectangle Font Fashion accessory Pattern Electric blue