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Hadley-Roma has been making watch straps and attachments since 1904. They are the only top tier strap manufacturer with headquarters and production facilities located here in the USA. They are the industry leader in new designs and innovations and are committed to provide the best possible product and service. Having a manufacturing facility here is the US enables them to respond to special made to order requests. If you have such a need, kindly inquire and I will make the necessary arrangements.
I include free shipping (in the US), paypal, spring bars and a mini (full service) spring bar tools with all strap orders $25 & over.
For the many of you that have already purchased from me, thank you very much!


Hadley Roma Deployants These deployants are the best deal out there in terms of quality & price. The workmanship & finish is just outstanding and the price certainly reasonable. Purchase any deployant along with any of my straps and get a $3 discount (excluding sale items).

Double Fold Push Button Stainless 16,18,20mm $22.00
Yellow Gold Plated 16,18,20mm $32.00*
Rose Gold Plated 16,18,20mm $36.00

Single Fold Friction Lock Stainless 14, 16,18mm $17.00
Yellow Gold Plated 16,18mm $21.00

Diver Deployants Stainless or Brushed 18, 20mm $19.00
Fold over push button
· 14mm available in all styles except rose gold.

Note: all Hadley Roma regular size straps run 3" x 4 ½" or approximately 75mm x 115m. For long or ladies, add or subtract ½" per piece.​

Hadley Roma Caiman CrocodileLots of character in this exotic skin strap with a contrasting white stitch. Sizes 18, 20, 22 in Black, Brown and Tan. $59.95 delivered.

Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Hadley Roma Genuine Alligator HR's model number 2005, matte Genuine Louisiana Alligator. Colors: Black, Chestnut, Cognac, Brown, Bordeaux, Green and Blue. $99 delivered. Black 16-22 all; Chestnut 16-20 all; Cognac 16, 18, 20; Brown 17-20 + 22; Green 18; Bordeaux 18, 20; Blue 18, 20.
Widths (lug/buckle): 16x16, 17x16, 18x16, 19x16, 20x16, 21x18, 22x18

Hadley Roma Genuine Alligator Vintage Collection HR's model number 2017, matte Genuine Louisiana Alligator. Colors: Black, Chestnut & Brown. MSRP $149.95 Forum Price $109.00.

Widths (lug/buckle): 16x14, 17x14, 18x14, 19x14, 20x16

See HR2005 for representative picture

Hadley Roma Genuine Matte Alligator Model 2024 Heavily Padded, colored contrast stitch: Black with yellow, Black with Orange, Black with Red, Black with blue in 20mm, 22mm, 24mm MSRP $149.95.Introductory price $109.00

Widths (lug/buckle): 20x18, 22x20, 24x20

Hadley Roma Genuine Matte Alligator Model 2021 Heavily Padded, contrasting white stitch: Black, Brown, Chestnut in 18, 20, 22, 24. MSRP $149.95. Introductory price $109.00

Widths (lug/buckle): 18x18, 20x18, 22x20, 24x20

Hadley Roma Genuine Matte Alligator Model 2022 Same strap as above with matching stitch.

Custom Hadley Roma Genuine Alligator $129.95, you provide the specs: length each side, thickness, lug width, buckle, color. Email if interested.
Here is a sample of.......

Breitling Style Genuine Alligator Model 2006 (NEW: Blue MSRP: $174.95. Forum Price $109.00
Black: 18, 20, 22
Dark Brown: 18, 20
Chestnut: 18, 20, 22
Blue: 20, 22

Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 20x18, 22x18

Hadley Roma Genuine Stingray - men's and ladies sizes in ladies 14, 16 & 18mm in black, blue, pink, red and green and men's 20mm black. Beautiful Pearled Stingray with quick change spring bars for easily changing straps in and out. $42.95 delivered.

Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 20x18, 22x18

Sport and Leathers
Genuine Calfskin Model 2037 Heavily Padded, DOUBLE contrasting white stitch: Black and Tan in 20 X 20 and 22 x 20 mm MSRP $44.95. Introductory price $37.50

Widths (lug/buckle):20x20, 22x20

Just in - Genuine Calfskin Panerai Style Model 2036 Heavily Padded, contrasting white stitch: Black, Tan and Orange in 22 & 24. MSRP $44.95. Introductory price $37.50

Tapers: Both straps taper to a 22mm/ Orange on backorder

Genuine Italian Calfskin Alligator Grain 2034 With Colored Contrasting stitch. Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Black/Orange, Black/Blue. Heavily Padded, contrasting stitch 20mm, 22mm , 24mm MSRP $44.95. Introductory price $35.95

Widths (lug/buckle): 20x18, 22x18, 24x20

Genuine Italian Calfskin Alligator Grain 834 (19mm & 21mm availableMedium pad with contrasting stitch. Black and Tan. MSRP $27.95. Introductory price $22.95

Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 19x16, 20x18, 21x18, 22x18

Hadley Roma 945 Silicone with Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, or White stitch[/B] Here's one of Hadley Roma's newest straps, the 945. Black silicone with colored stitching. 18 & 20mm now in stock, Unbelievable price of $14.95 delivered!

Hadley Roma 893 Tag style genuine leather Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow stitching and painted edges. Water resistant leather. 18, 20 & 22mm now in stock. $22!
Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Hadley Roma Carbon Fiber style, model 840 New straps by HR and just in. Forum price $18.50. Kevlar in 20mm Black and Pewter in 20 and 22mm.

Tag Style (waterproof) black & tan. 18, 20mm, 20mm short, 20mm long and 22mm, $21.99 with free mini spring bar tool, spring bars.

the regular Tag..

Alligator Grain 898 Available in 18, 20, 22 & 24mm in blue, tan & black. The blue and tan colors came out perfect, exactly the shades I was hoping for. I hope this pic does them justice, email me for a digital image you can zoom in and see for yourself. $22 Delivered, now in 26 & 28mm[/B]

Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 20x18, 22x18, 24x20, x26x22, 28x22

Alligator tail grain 835 in black, brown and tan 18, 19, 20; $19.99 delivered. 18mm & 20mm Black and Brown in Long. White buckles also included. Still one of the nicest alligator grains on the market..

Black: 18, 19, 20, 18 Long, 20 Long
Brown 18, 19, 20, 18 Long, 20 Long
Tan 20mm

Breitling Style Alligator Grain 895 20mm & 22mm in Black, Brown & Tan, 5+mm thick + plastic tubes sewn into the straps to support large sport watches. Extremely well made strap. Price $21.99.
Widths (lug/buckle): 18x16, 20x18, 22x18

Silicone 942 20mm Black Tire Tread with satin SS double fold push button deployant. Price $18.50

Silicone 965 20mm Black traction design satin SS double fold push button deployant. Price $18.50

Shipping Charges:

Inside the U.S. - FREE, airmail with delivery confirmation
Need insurance? $1.30 up to $50, $2.20 over $50.
Priority $4.60
Overnight $16.25 (incl $100 in insurance)
waive the insurance - no signature required.

Outside the U.S $ 2.50 Airmail, uninsured, no tracking**
$11.00 Priority 4-6 days
$25.00 Global Express w $100 insurance 3-5 days $ 9.60 Registered with $44 insurance.

The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job; my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%. I provide evidence of shipment. **If you are concerned about in transit loss, please select a secured or insured method.
Return Policy: Straps can be returned or swapped for any reason, excluding: straps that have been worn (even once), bent, not in 100% original condition or the same condition as when sold. Please check all measurements (wrist, watch length, and straps length before installing straps).
This posting supersedes all previous posts and/or offers.
Email and Paypal: [email protected]

Website: Visa, M/C, AMEX, DISC.

Emergency email (Comcast spam blocker issues): [email protected]
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