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Hirsch AG is located in Austria and their mission statement is to develop and manufacture the most advanced, highly detailed and finest bracelets in the world. The aim of each development is to ensure the longevity, wearer comfort and aesthetics of the bracelet whenever the consumer is wearing it. Hirsch USA is a division of Hadley Roma USA with which I have a relationship. Having inventory in the US enables faster access to the Hirsch line and helps maintain my "same day shipment" goals to my customers. If you see a Hirsch product I do not carry, inquire and I should be able to have it in my hands within 48 hours.

For the many of you that have already purchased from me, thank you very much!

Note: Changes in postage

Free shipping (in the US), spring bars and a mini (full service) spring bar tools for orders 35.00 and above. Below $35, see shipping rates at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: the new shipping rates in effect May 14th have increase postage nearly 100% for packages.


Hirsch Deployants This is new and a great deployant, sleek, Hirsch logo on the clasp, screw in springbar, stainless steel, double fold, push button. Includes screwdriver set, springbar tool & delivery. 65.00.


Venice Luxurious Vertical Cut Genuine Alligator, alligator leather lined STEEL keepers, silk lining & premium tang buckle.18mm & 20mm in Black, Brown and Burgundy & 22 Black.MSRP $265.00Email for special, 18 mm black only presently in stock.

Length: 73mmx114mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Monte CarloSport Luxury at its finest: this is a striking, heavily padded Breitling Style Genuine Louisiana Alligator with a bamboo pattern & heavy contrasting stitch. Only available in Golden Brown. Thickness approx 6mm. MSRP $289.00 Introductory Forum price: email for special

Length: 73mmx114mm
Widths: 20x18, 22x20

Madrid Rolled edge, Breitling style, Round Scaled, Genuine Louisiana Alligator. Only available in Golden Brown. Thickness approx 6mm. In stock MSRP $198.00. Forum price: $158.00

Length: 73mmx114mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Riva. New from Hirsch, Antiqued Calf Leather in a unique design with contrast stitch. Limited quantities only as this is not a USA stocked item. Black, Dark Brown, Golden Brown in 20mm, 22mm & 24mm. MSRP $99.95 Forum Price $89.95

Men's Length: 80mm x 120mm, 5.25 thick

Galuchat. Pearled stingray with high quality buckle. Black, Red, Blue. MSRP $98.95 Forum price: $79.00

Men's Length: 73mm x 114mm in 16, 18, 20mm
Ladies' Length: 69.5mm x 110.5 in 12mm, 14mm
Widths: 12x10, 14x12, 16x14, 18x16, 20x18,

Memento Two tone saddle style leather, heavy contrasting stitch reinforced at the lugs Black/Dark Brown or Dark Brown/Tan in 18mm & 20mm.. MSRP $59.95 Forum price: $53.95. In stock.

Length: 73mmx114mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18

Heavy Calf Strong, hard wearing calf leather 6.8mm thick at the lugs. Detailed contrasting stitch. 18, 20, 22mm in Black, Dark Brown and Golden Brown and 24mm Black MSRP $59.95 Forum price: $53.95. In stock.

Length: 73mmx114mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20, 24x22

Professional Calf leather in a semi-matte twin pad alligator grain. Black: 18, 20, 22, 24mm. Brown: 18, 20mm. Golden Brown: 18, 20, 22, 24mm. Navy Blue: 18, 20mm MSRP $59.95. Forum price: $53.95.

Widths: 18x18, 20x18, 22x15, 24x22

Chrono Shark Shark leather, 100m waterproof, chrono design with a striking contrast stitch and 6mm thick!. Black and Royal Blue in 18mm, 20mm & 22mm MSRP $79.95. Forum price: $71.95.

Amazon. Blend of alligator grain calf leather and a rubber core with the Logo Corvette Deployant. Adjustable length, 180mm to 140mm. Available in 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm 24mm in Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Blue. MSRP $98.95 Forum price: $79.00

Hirsch Liberty From the Hirsch Nature Collection, a fine but very thick calfskin similar to the Panerai style straps on the market. Also characterized with a heavy white cord stitch. Four earth tone colors: dark brown, golden brown, honey (lightest) and black in 20mm, 22mm, 24mm. 2mm taper, thickness about 4.5mm and constant for the lug end to the tips. Forum Price: 31.49

Hirsch Modena, Contrasting and "new Modena II" Matching stitch The Duke is one of Hirsch's all time best sellers and the Modena is it's re-incarnation with a white, contrasting stitch.

The Modena is now available in matching stitch, too. Use Modena II

Modena is available in 18, 19, 20, 22 & 24mm in Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Honey, Blue (plus Royal Blue, Red, & Yellow - but inquire first). (19mm only in black, brown and blue). The Duke is available in the above colors in 14, 16, 18 & 20mm plus burgundy, red, ice blue, pink beige, white and orange. Forum Price: $35.95

Widths: 18x16, 19x18, 20x18, 22x20, 24x22

The "New" Duke This is one of the best looking alligator grains on the market and Hirsch has upgraded the strap with better colors and a new leather that is close in appearance to genuine alligator. Forum Price: $31.49

Colors: Black, Brown, Gold Brown, Honey, Navy, Grey and Burgundy
Sizes: 12 - 24mm
Lengths: Ladies, Men's and Xtra Long.

Hirsch Traveler (Nature Collection)
This is a very soft, supple naturally tanned calfskin strap with a lighter contrasting stitch for a sporty look. One of the softest straps I have held in my hands, but it'll support your sport watches no problem. Forum Price is $39.95. Sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 & 24 in black, golden brown, brown and honey.

Widths: 14x12, 16x14, 18x16, 20x18, 22x20, 24x22

Hirsch Trapper (Nature Collection)Soft calf leather with a bold and sporting appearance. 6mm thick, striking, thick contrasting stitch. Available in Black, Golden Brown, Dark Brown and Honey in 18, 20 and 22mm and 19mm Black and Brown. Forum Price: $42.95

Widths: 18x18, 19x18, 20x18, 22x18

Hirsch Mariner (Nature Collection) 100m water resistant, washable leather that is soft, supple, sporty, contrasting stitch and 5.7mm at its thickest point. Forum Price: $35.95. 18mm, 20mm, 22mm in black, brown and honey.

Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Hirsch Buffalo Nature Collection Natural calf leather, thickly padded, light contrasting stitch in tone. Forum Price: $26.95 Black and Brown.

Length: 73mmx114mm
Widths: 16x14, 18x16, 20x18, 22x18

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Hirsch Principe Leonardo Collection Here's one you don't see very often. Thick alligator grain about 6mm at the lugs, contrasting stitch, curved ends, squared ends (on what is referred to as "the point", the longer strap). The brown and gold brown have an ecru stitch, the black and blue, matching stitch. Available in 18, 20 & 22mm. Forum Price: 53.95

Length: 80mm x120mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Hirsch Mobile Leonardo - Old This strap, unfortunately, is now in discontinued status because of material sourcing problems. It has been replaced by the new Mobile below. I liked it so much I bought up the rest of them. If you were thinking about this one, now is the time, they will be all gone soon. Rubber under-listing, rubber/silicone upper. Sporty design, 100m waterproof, curved ends. Forum Price: $53.95. 18 & 20mm Black and Blue

Length: 80mm x120mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18,

Hirsch Mobile Leonardo - NEW. This is the NEW Mobile. Rubber under-listing, waterproof leather upper. Sporty design, 100m waterproof, curved ends. Forum Price: $53.95. Only in 22mm black. My purchasing the remaining stock of the "old" will allow restocking of the "new" in a few months.

Length: 80mm x120mm
Widths: 22x20

Hirsch Medici Leonardo Soft, natural, understated character sheep leather, curved ends & a real comfort to wear. Forum Price: $53.95 Black, Brown and GoldBrown

Length: 80mm x120mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Hirsch Carbon Sport A Forum favorite, Carbon style 100% waterproof strap in 18 & 20 mm in black, blue & gray with contrast stitch. Forum Price: 35.95 Now available in Orange, Red and New 22mm

Length: 73mm x114mm
Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Hirsch Rally Sporty Racing design leather in Black, Brown and Gold Brown. Sizes 18, 20 & 22mm Forum Price: $35.95 with free shipping (US), traveler spring bar tool.

Widths: 18x16, 20x18, 22x20

Ascot Fine English leather with rustic look, medium pad, light stitch in tone (similar but contrasting) This would look perfect on classic, vintage or dress watches. Colors: Black, Brown, Gold Brown. MSRP 44.95, Forum Price: $39.95

Men's Length: 73mm x114mm,
Ladies' Length: 69.5x110.5
Widths: Ladies 12x10, 14x12m Men's 16x14, 17x16, 18x16, 20X18

Venezia "Top quality masterpiece" made of calf leather, stitches in tone (same color but lighter). Light gloss, bombe padding, striking presence. One of their best dress straps in my opinion. Would look great on classic or dress. Colors: Black, & Brown. Sizes Ladies 12 & 14mm, Men's 16, 18, 19(x16), 20. 2mm taper. MSRP: $79.00. Forum Price: $71.00

Zurich English leather with a very thin distinctive, unique, lateral stitch design. Would look great on classic or dress. Colors: Black, Brown, Gold Brown. Sizes 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 (excluding 17 & 19 brown).MSRP $79.00 Forum Price $71.00

Length: 73mm x114mm
Widths: Men's 16x14, 17x16, 18x16, 19x18. 20X18

Ladies 60mm x 101mm 12x10, 14x12

Hirsch Osiris Italian calf leather, more suited for dress watches. 12mm-20mm all sizes in black, brown and medium brown, burgundy, blue. Only even sizes in burgundy. Forum Price: 21.95 XL also available.

· prices compliant with Hirsch policy

Shipping Charges:

Inside the U.S. - $1.50 airmail with delivery confirmation
Free if purchase is $35 and above
Need insurance? $1.30 up to $50, $2.20 over $50.
Priority $4.60
Overnight $16.25 (incl $100 in insurance)
waive the insurance - no signature required.

Outside the U.S $ 3.00 Airmail, uninsured, no tracking**
$11.00 Priority 4-6 days
$25.00 Global Express w $100 insurance 3-5 days $13.00 Registered with $43.73 insurance.

The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job; my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%. I provide (reasonable) evidence of shipment. **If you are concerned about in transit loss, please select a secured or insured method.


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