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Zinex, Nauticfish (on a Freda silicone), Halios, Corvus (on a Hirsch Pro Sport)

THE EUROPEAN COLLECTION + Blackstone Valley Watch Straps

NEW***Lambskin with ecru stitch Made in Switzerland JUST IN, 20x18 in black and brown. Smooth leather, awesome to the touch, sporty stitching. 78x120, 4.8mm thick $35.

NEW***Genuine Alligator Straps Made in Italy - Square Grain JUST IN, 20x18 in black, brown and tan. Great scale patterns, MSRP $225, regular Price $159, Introductory Price/Economy Special $125. Lengths 77x115, thickness 4.9mm.

Back in stock, 22mm now available

Blackstone Valley WC - Genuine Louisiana Alligator

Gorgeous square grain Louisiana Alligator, Remborde, Heavy Pad, 5.25 Thick, length: 76x116. Available in 18, 19, 20, 22 & 24mm in black and dark brown. Msrp $150, forum special $104.95.

Panny Style Thick Leather, made in Spain

Look close, this is one thick strap, 6mm at the lugs, 3.6 at the point, solid genuine leather with heavy cord stitch in 4 sizes: 18mm, 20mm, 22mm & 24mm and in 6 color variations. $29.95, includes matching spring bars:

Black with Red
Black with Orange
Black with White
Black with Blue
Brown with Ecru

[FONT FACE="Brush Script M7" SIZE="4" COLOR="# B22222"]Silicone Tire Tread Deployant

Silicone Tire Tread deployant with double lock satin finish deployant in Black in22mm and 24mm. 185mm total with 30mm trim on each side. $23.95

[FONT FACE="Brush Script M7" SIZE="4" COLOR="# B22222"]Diamond Design Silicone with flip Lock Push Button Deployant

Thick Silicon Diamond Tread Design with double lock satin finish deployant in Black, Orange, Blue and Red in 22mm and 24mm. 185mm total with 30mm trim on each side. $23.95

[FONT FACE="Brush Script M7" SIZE="4" COLOR="# B22222"]Panny Style Thick Silicone

Thick (5MM) Silicon Panny Style straps in Black, Orange and Blue in 20x18, 22x20 and 24x22 and in 26mm black $17.95

Hand Made Italian Louisiana Farm Alligator

Italian* Hand Made Genuine Farm Alligator Straps[/b] in matte or gloss, large grain or small, Sizes 14 - 22, just about any color available, but shown here: matte honey small grain, matte honey large grain, brown gloss large grain, black matte. MSRP $114 & up, forum price $79[/b]. The more I look at these, the more I think I must be nuts to sell them at this price, they should clearly sell for over a hundred.

So don't let the price fool you, these are hand made in Italy and an excellent strap for this price.

Also in 24mm Panny style Alligator, padded & stitched, no buckles $89. Polished black, matte brown, polished red, matte black, matte cognac with ecru.

Italian Made Genuine Crocodile 8144[/b] Polished, stitched, medium pad
(approx 4mm thick) genuine crocodile, hand made in Italy. MSRP $84, sale price $59.95
Black, Brown, Navy, Bordeaux, Honey, Cognac (plus 10 other colors) in 10 - 22mm in Regular, Long and Short.

Length 73mm x 113mm

Italian Made Java Lizard[/b]Outstanding scale pattern in this genuine lizard, made in Italy. Sizes range 10mm to 24mm, colors: Bordeaux, Havana, Navy, Black shown plus brown, grey, green, cobalt and 10 others. Available in shorts and longs too. Email for size availability. Dimensions: 75 x 115 x 3.5. Forum price $36.95.

Italian Made Breitling Style Genuine Crocodile Padded and stitched, rolled edge, matte Croc strap in 18, 20, 22mm in black, brown, tan, blue, red.
Msrp 89.95, special forum price (30% off) $69.95

Lorica by Morellato Water resistant Lorica in orange, black, red, yellow, blue and white in 18, 20, 22, & 24mm. This is a hypo allergenic Microfiber with a medium cord contrasting stitch. $24.50. I picked this up initially for the Orange/Black Monster crowd, but other colors widen the spectrum of applications.[/IMG[U][COLOR=#0000ff]][/COLOR][/U][/FONT][/SIZE]
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[URL=""][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT][/URL]
[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3][B][U][B]Alligator Grain Leather, padded & stitched - made in France[/B][/B][/U][B] [/B]One of the best alligator grains I've seen, nice bamboo pattern. 16 - 22mm, 26mm in black, cognac, tan, tan with ecru, short black. $25 del.[/SIZE][/FONT]
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Shipping Charges:

Inside the U.S. - $1.50, FREE for orders over $34.99
Need insurance? $1.30 up to $50, $2.20 over $50.
Priority $4.80
Overnight $16.50 (incl $100 in insurance)
waive the insurance - no signature required.

Outside the U.S $ 3.00 Airmail, uninsured, no tracking**
$13.00 Priority 4-6 days
$27.00 Global Express w $100 insurance 3-5 days $14.00 Registered with $44 insurance.

The postal system around the world generally does an outstanding job, my experience has been a worldwide delivery rate over 99%. I provide evidence of shipment. **If you are concerned about in transit loss, please select a secured or insured method.

Contact me or Paypal at [email protected] to place an order or check out my site at Shipments sent out daily.

Note: offers in this post expire in 7 days or upon my placing an updated version, whichever occurs first.

Post Name: WUS-European Collection
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