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It is Toronto's annual Caribana weekend - tonight the streets were filled with people, Yonge street is only this busy during Caribana weekend, I loooooooove Caribana weekend! Tomorrow I am heading to the Caribana Parade with a few friends, will report on it later in the day!

Just a few pics to wet you appetite and a reminder - the parade starts at 10 a.m. at the Exhibition place - if anyone in Toronto wants to join me and a few friends e-mail tonight and read your mail at 7 a.m. cause I'll be meeting my buddys and a gal at 9 a.m. - I'll let you know where!

Anywho yesterday (Thursday was a rainy day so I only too a few pics)

Babe of the day Thursday...

Picture of the day Thursday - I love the sense of motion in this one

Okay no comments in regards to the pictures above not it is time for Babe Fest Friday! - I should really start taking different kinds of pictures put I know some of you guys absolutely love these, as such I do what's good for the site's rating... he he he

A near miss

Whoa! Very very nice

Cool girls of the day!

The view from above - nice eyes, I was standing on a stool to take a pic of Chalmaster's daily work!

Okay sooooo it was such a nice back view that I had to ....

Take a picture of the front to make sure it was just as nice, yea, the babe of da day!

Candid with a flash

Smiles of the day!

I dunno what you are selling but I am buying it!


To that should be the Babe of the day - to my taste that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea baby YEA!

Half busted shot of the day!

Nicest person of the day!
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