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What makes your city your city?

For me it is all of its changing little things - one day you go to a familiar street corner and all is changed - I tend to see different people all the time since Toronto is a big city but also the familiar faces.

What makes my city, mine? Well it is a living city - full of people and human elements where people mark their place in their own corner of paradise.

I guess I never really had a place I liked as much as
Toronto and I am just starting to get to know this city 8 years after moving in it - yet, yet there is so much more to it than I can possibly experience.

Here are some examples of people marking their space in the world, in Toronto.

I think that when all my travels are done - I may just settle down in Toronto and experience it all over again.

It is such a colorful city where everyone gets along

What makes my city, mine? Well these weren't there last week and in a few months some will be replaced by new ones... A city is a living thing, the tides and waves of humanity constantly shaping it and re-shaping it, bending it to their wills.

Not something you'd see in a small town! ;-)

My city is full of...

My city is full of love.

Albeit a rich city - My city is full of misery and people needing some love...

My city is full of couples.

My city is full of visitors - These are from Plymouth, England.

My city is a fortress of solitude - if you want to be left alone there is no better place than a big city.

My city is filled with interesting architecture with a rich history.

My city has a story to tell...

A story with its ups and downs a story better told by the people who pass by and live in it, for ever and a day, for a week or a few years.

My city is filled with beauty!

Lotsa beauty! :)

My city is made up of the people who live in it, work in it, visit it, love in it...

What a great expression! What a smirk!

My city has strange places...

Love it, hate it, be indifferent to it - it matters not to me cause I love My Toronto, and the people who make

Toronto a nice place to live in.

Now time for the picture of the day!

That was only a tid bit of my city...


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Man you have an eye for a great picture, Dude..:gold :gold :gold
Thanks again for sharing your work and thoughts.
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