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Hello I've been a member here since 2006, but haven't been around in years.

I have a late 60's vintage SUB 300T searambler , silver dial US Divers model, on my bench for some old issues with staining and moisture. The serial number is 66674xx, the caseback has the sailing ship logo, and the movement is a 188 with the DOXA-marked automatic oscillating weight. Hopefully this is enough to identify the case style.

Cosmetically, it has a LOT of wabi, it was used heavily in diving in it's early years, then passed on to a relative. The bezel is totally devoid of paint, and there are honest dings and scratches on the case, but nothing major. He sent it away for service at one point, and when it came back, the crystal would fog up when he wore it. He quit wearing it, and put it away for many years. The crystal and dial were obviously stained, so I expected the worst when opening it up. Amazingly, there doesn't seem to be rust in the movement, and it runs reliably.

I cleaned all the case parts and the bracelet, but now I get to my question. The only seals I found were an o-ring inside the stem tube, and the caseback ring. Are those the only two, and are these available readily? The ones in there are still flexible, I think they were properly lubed the last time it was serviced, so I could re-use those if I have to. This watch will never be used for diving by the current owner, so hopefully it will just need to be "rain-proof".

The dial paint seems very fragile, particularly around the edges, so I'm not keen on doing very much to clean it. There were some green stains around the hands that flaked off easily with some gentle prodding with a sharpened pegwood. I'll use rodico to try to clean it better, but will carefully stay away from any of the painted markers or text.

It's a great old watch, if it were mine I would do more to make it presentable.

Thanks !
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