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I'd just like to thank all of you, particularly nepatriot (despite his poor choice in football teams) for taking the time to give me this information. I know it can be annoying when newbies show up and ask for basic information that's been old hat for years, so it was nice to see such a nice group of people walk me through the basics.

In case anyone's curious, I landed on the Sumo. I was very tempted by the Shogun, but didn't want to spend twice as much for titanium, whose advantages are unnecessary for what I'm looking for in this watch. After seeing enough photos of the Sumo next to the PO XL, I'm convinced it will wear smaller enough to fill the niche I'm looking for.

Anyway, thanks again!
Nepatriot hit the nail on the head when he distinguished round vs. flat wrists. The Sumo definitely wears smaller due to the curved lugs, but the size of the watch itself ventures into the territory of limited wearability depending on the size and shape of the wrist. Most people are pleasantly surprised with the fit, despite the large dimensions on paper FWIW.
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